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Baloise ALM Basic – the solution for pension funds

Have you avoided Asset Liability Management (ALM) analyses in the past, as they are often highly complex, expensive and time-consuming?

Or do you already carry out ALM analyses on a regular basis but would like to have an interactive, lean tool for recording and highlighting risks instantly?

The specialists from Asset Management have therefore developed Baloise ALM Basic. It is a tool that responds to this need, and offers you added value.

The benefits of Baloise ALM Basic:

  • Baloise ALM Basic has high informative value, and is easier to understand than a classic ALM analysis.
  • Customers benefit from unlimited use.
  • An instant individual analysis, that can be carried out online anywhere and at any time once the initial information has been provided.
  • The development of the coverage ratio depending on market scenarios and investment strategy is shown. Customers gain transparency concerning the impact on risk and return ratios when adjusting various parameters.
  • The tool serves as a management instrument for the investment committee and the  f board of trustees.

Based on our stochastic ALM model we can develop optimisation proposals for the strategic asset allocation. We would be pleased to provide you with a separate offer for this, and to put our expertise at your disposal to support you in the long-term financing of your pension fund. This allows you to benefit from our many years of ALM experience  in the occupational pensions environment.

In the course of a personal meeting, we offer you:

  • A presentation and explanation of the tool including live demo
  • Access details for the tool
  • A personal contact

More information:

Investment strategy optimisation

Benefit from our many years of experience in the professional management of your own assets as well as customer funds. We develop a customised investment strategy for you based on your investment objectives and a comprehensive macroeconomic analysis of the market. You receive access to the same investment solutions we use in the management of our own investment assets.


Choose a mandate solution. This gives you the option of having your investment assets held in a securities custody account at the Zurich branch of BNP Paribas Securities, Paris. BNP Paribas and Baloise Asset Management have been working together successfully for many years in the safekeeping of both your own investment assets and customer funds. This enables us to offer you an attractive range with fully automated processes.


Our monthly investment reporting provides you with a portfolio cockpit and early warning system that presents the most important control parameters in a clear form. In addition to relevant performance and risk figures, a detailed statement of assets and comprehensive transaction lists, investment reporting also includes proof of compliance with investment guidelines and regulatory requirements.

Securities accounting

We carry out securities accounting for your mandate solution in our SimCorp Dimension securities system, and value your securities in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER. The respective closing dates and the scope of current reporting are created individually according to your needs.

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