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eBill – pay invoices in e-banking

Which Baloise insurance premiums can currently be settled using eBill?

eBill for corporate clients

What is eBill?

eBill (previously known as “E-invoice”) is a digital invoice that is sent directly to your e-banking account. You can check the electronic invoice in your e-banking account and then settle it in just a few clicks of the mouse.


  • It saves time – eBill saves you the inconvenience of having to type or scan the payment information
  • It is more secure – only trusted invoices can be sent to your e-banking account
  • It doesn’t make mistakes – reliable, on-time payments
  • It saves paper – and helps protect the environment
  • It’s easy to download as a PDF – if you nevertheless want to keep a record of the invoice, either physically or in digital form

What do I have to do if I want to use eBill?

Check whether your bank supports the use of eBill in e-banking:

Go to the “Payments” section of your e-banking to find the information on eBill and follow the instructions to register. You can now select Baloise Insurance Ltd as the company. Add your data. Once your details have been verified, you will receive your invoice delivered straight to your e-banking account, giving you a fast and convenient way of making online payments.

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