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Information about data processing in the insurance context

Bodies responsible and contact details

The bodies responsible for the data processing described here are:

  • Baloise Insurance Ltd, Aeschengraben 21, 4002 Basel
    (all classes of insurance with the exception of life insurance and legal expenses insurance)
  • Baloise Life Ltd, Aeschengraben 21, 4002 Basel (Life insurance)

(hereinafter  "Basler" or "Baloise" or "we")

If you have any questions, the Data Protection Officer can be contacted at: Baloise Insurance Ltd, Data Protection Officer, Aeschengraben 21,  P.O. Box, CH-4002 Basel

You will find this information about data processing on our website under "data protection information for insurance contracts".


The processing of your personal data (hereinafter “data”) is essential and indispensable for the purpose of concluding a contract with Baloise. We greatly value the trust you place in Baloise, which is why protecting your privacy is our highest priority. Our employees therefore receive regular training on data protection and are obliged to comply with special confidentiality obligations. In addition, compliance with data protection is continuously monitored by us.

“Processing” refers to any handling of your data, regardless of the means and procedures used, including, in particular, the acquisition, retention, use, alteration, disclosure, archiving or destruction of the data. In order to inform you in a transparent manner about how your data is processed and to enable you to better understand the individual data processing steps, we are pleased to describe below the way in which Baloise processes your data in the context of insurance relationships (e.g. for the purposes of concluding, executing and acquiring or terminating insurance contracts).

1.             General information on data processing

1.1.          Data obtained from you

We process personal data provided by you, including the following:

  • Your personal details and contact information: In particular name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, age, gender, tax status, health data;
  • Information on third parties: In motor vehicle insurance, in particular information on the person of the owner and the most frequent driver (e.g. name, date of birth, nationality) and in life insurance information on possible beneficiaries and other parties of the contract;
  • Financial and debt collection data: In particular, bank details for processing subsequent payments (e.g. account number, credit card data, PayPal data), AHV income data, premium payments, outstanding payments and reminders;
  • Further identification data: In particular, identification details for products reserved for a specific group of customers (e.g. membership number of the Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) for taking out a TCS car insurance);
  • General data from applications and contracts (e.g. insured risks, contract duration, information on previous or other insurance policies including claims burden) as well as information specific to the insurance product for calculating the insurance premium:
  • in the motor vehicle insurance, e.g. registration number, information on your vehicle, on your mileage, on no-claims classes (bonus/malus) and on the financing of the vehicle, e.g. leasing;
  • in property insurance e.g. brand and model, sum insured, value and age of the insured object, photo of the insured object or proof of purchase;
  • in household insurance, e.g. living and housing situation such as number of rooms, canton of residence, value of household contents, ownership, number of persons in the same household;
  • in building insurance, e.g. ownership of land and residential property, type of building, type of house, purchase price;
  • in liability insurance, e.g. living and housing situation, number of persons in joint household, ownership, canton of residence;
  • in life insurance: information on your family and financial situation (e.g. number of persons in the same household) and data on the various parties to the contract.
  • in property, liability and technical insurance, e.g. operating mode, NOGA code, legal form, annual turnover, business inventory, main place of insurance, secondary place of insurance, AHV annual total wages, total fees, extinguishing circumstances, design class, safety equipment for fire and theft, insured sum;
  • in transport insurance, e.g. transported annual turnover, means of transport, transport routes.
  • Information in connection with any damages or claims settlement: In particular information from claims reports, doctor's reports, invoice data, data relating to injured parties.

1.2.          Data obtained from third parties

For the purposes of the contract conclusion and the contract processing, we may based on you consent in your insurance request obtain the necessary relevant information from third parties (e.g. public authorities, previous insurers and reinsurers, financing companies or banks for externally financed vehicles, buildings or property) in accordance with clause 1.5(1) below.

In order to offer you our best possible service and advise you in an optimum way, as well as ensuring data accuracy, we also process data (personal and financial details about you, such as size of household, income class and spending power, purchasing behaviour and contact details of family members) that we obtain from data suppliers and address dealers or from third-party website operators and online networks.

1.3.          Purposes of the data processing

1.3.1.       Limitation to specific purposes

Your data will be used by us for purposes which we pointed out to you on their collection or if we are obliged to do so by law.

1.3.2.       Processing for the performance of contracts and the settlement of claims and for carrying out pre-contractual measures (incl. the creation of customer profiles and automated data processing)

Baloise collects, stores and processes your data to the extent that this is required for customer acquisition, risk measurement and assessment prior to contract conclusion, management of the customer relationship, performance of the contract and the provision of contractual services, assessment of the obligation to pay indemnity and settlement of claims, invoicing, responding to questions and enquiries and provision of support in the event of technical issues.

We may also create customer profiles about you for the purpose of conducting individualised, targeted risk measurement sand assessment as the basis for decisions and calculations relating to the insurance contract. This risk assessment is necessary in order to be able to offer you a suitable insurance contract.

If, when concluding a contract, decisions are made, on the basis of fully or partially automated processing of personal data, that have a legal impact on you (such as conclusion of contract, termination, risk exclusions, premium amount) or significantly affect you in a similar manner, we will inform you at that time in an appropriate manner. If necessary, you can then have us review the relevant decision.

1.3.3.       Processing for marketing purposes (including creation of customer profiles), for product optimisation and market research

We can also use your data in order to offer you products and services individually tailored to you.  In order to provide you with individually targeted advertising and offers, and to be better able to address your needs, we may also create customer profiles of you and categorize you in advertising groups(no special categories of personal data such as health data). In this respect, our legitimate interest is that you are quickly and effectively informed about our products and services that may be of interest to them.

Baloise also offers its products in cooperation with selected partners, who, as tied agents, offer Baloise insurances under their own brands (e.g. TCS Car Insurance, Ford Car Insurance, Mazda Car Insurance, RCI Assurance, PSA Assurance and Hyundai Insurance). When you conclude such an insurance contract, your data may based on your consent also be shared between us and the business partner for marketing purposes.

In addition, we also sometimes contact you for market research purposes and use the results in anonymised form for addressing various questions within the company. For our survey on customer satisfaction, we ask you about your experiences with Baloise. In some cases, we also use the results of this survey to personally contact you, actively process your concerns, and improve our internal processes. We also collect, store and process your data for the evaluation, improvement and redevelopment of services and functions.

In this respect, our legitimate interest is that our products and services are continually developed and thus meet the requirements of our customers.

If the processing of your data in this context takes place on the basis of a legitimate interest on our part, we will weight up the interests internally in advance according to the nature of your data affected in individual cases. In particular, we also take into account the standard industry practices regarding the processing. In these cases, you have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data and the creation of customer profiles for marketing purposes.

1.3.4        Processing for fulfilling legal obligations

In order to comply with legal obligations (e.g. anti-money laundering clarifications and international exchange of tax information), we may in some cases have to subject your data to more detailed clarifications (such as verification of identity, clarification of beneficial ownership of funds and ownership of companies), based on the applicable laws.

1.3.5        Insurance fraud

To combat fraud in the field of motor vehicle insurance, we – like most other insurance companies – provide SVV Solution AG, a subsidiary of the Swiss Insurance Association (SVV), with vehicle-related claims data that are recorded in the “CarClaims-Info” database. By using CarClaims-Info, it is possible to check whether a registered vehicle claim has already been paid out by another insurance company. If there are grounds for suspecting fraud, the companies may share the relevant data (e.g. vehicle expertise, indemnification agreement).

1.4.          Transfer of your data to other Group companies

In order to provide you with the best-possible insurance coverage and individualized financial solutions, we may share your information with other Baloise Group companies for risk measurement and assessment and based on your consent for the offer of individually targeted products and services and the provision of reinsurance solutions (no special categories of personal data).

You can request a list of our Group companies via the postal address or email address stated under clause 1.8.

1.5.          Sharing of data with relevant insurers, public authorities and intermediaries

If required for the conclusion and the processing of the contract, we will based on your consent obtain relevant information and details from files held by the authorities, private and social insurers or third parties that are party to or involved in the initiation of the contract or a claims settlement (e.g. previous insurers regarding the previous claim experience). This relevant information includes, for example, personal information, contact details, the details that are provided in the case of specific insurance products, previous insurer information, and family and financial information.

In the interests of all policyholders, data may be shared based on your consent, for the purpose of distributing risks, with reinsurers, co-insurers and previous insurers, both in Switzerland and abroad. If reinsurers also make a contribution to the risk and loss assessment, the information required for this purpose is made available to them. These are, in particular, contract-relevant data such as name, date of birth, gender, contract number, type of insurance cover and risk.

Intermediaries receive the information they need to support and advise customers based on the data about you that we have stored (e.g. contract duration, contract termination, sum insured and coverage). In doing so, we comply with the authorisation issued to the intermediary by you. Intermediaries are bound by law and contract to observe their special duty of secrecy as well as the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Intermediaries also include Baloise business partners (Touring Club Schweiz, Ford Car Insurance, Mazda Car Insurance, RCI Assurance, PSA Assurance and Hyundai Insurance) who, as tied agents. offer Baloise motor vehicle insurance via their sales networks (including brand dealers and authorised  workshops). Independent brokers may only access this data if they have been authorised to do so by you.

1.6.          Data transfers to other third parties

In order to fulfil statutory requirements, we may be obliged to process your data and transfer it to other third parties (e.g. at the request of the authorities).

In the case of credit checks and the commissioning of debt-collection companies, we may make your data (changes in the payment behaviour during the contract term) available to such companies. In this respect, our legitimate interest is to ensure that the tariffs we set reflect the risks involved. These companies store your personal data and may disclose them to other business partners as part of their activities, provided such partners have presented a credible legitimate interest in individual cases for having the data transferred to them.

Jointly with other companies, we participate in a network for the updating of addresses. As part of this, we transmit your updated address details to a service provider for address updating purposes. This service provider only transfers the updated address to other companies within the network that also have a customer relationship with you. There is no sale or trading of addresses involved in this process. In this respect, our legitimate interest is that we and other affiliated companies with whom you have a customer relationship can reach you at any time and thereby ensure more efficient communication with you.

Your data may also be shared for the aforementioned purposes with other recipients (e.g. experts and appraisers, Baloise business partners, parties involved in legal proceedings or acquirers of business units of Baloise). These recipients will always be required to comply with the applicable data protection provisions.

1.7.          Third parties commissioned at home and abroad

In order to offer you cost-effective and comprehensive insurance coverage, some of our services and business functions are carried out on our behalf by legally independent companies at home and abroad.

These service providers (processors) are also contractually obliged to adhere to the defined purposes of the data processing. We conclude a contract with these service providers that meets the requirements of the applicable data protection law.

In the case of service providers located in a country whose data protection legislation is assessed to be unsuitable by the supervisory authorities, we impose obligations on such providers, by means of the standard EU contractual clauses introduced by the European Commission and recognized by the Federal Data Protection Commissioner (FDPIC) prior to transferring any data, in order to guarantee appropriate protection for you.

1.8.          Your rights in relation to your data

If you wish to receive information about your personal data that is processed by us, you can do so by submitting to us your written request for information with an enclosed copy of your identity card or passport.

You may demand that we rectify inaccurate data or complete data that are incomplete, or you can rectify or complete this yourself, to a certain extent, in the customer portal at any time.

You may also demand the deletion of your data, provided we are not required or authorised by applicable law or regulations to retain your data.

In all cases in which the data processing is based on your consent, you have the right to revoke this at any time. If you revoke your consent, this does not affect the legality of the processing undertaken on the basis of your consent up until the revocation.

You can submit the relevant requests to the following address:

Baloise Insurance Ltd, Data Protection Officer, Aeschengraben 21, P.O. Box, CH-4002 Basel

1.9.          Retention period

In accordance with our erasure policies, your data will only be stored for as long as this is necessary for the aforementioned purposes or for as long as we are authorised to store it for longer period.

1.10.        Changes to this information on data processing

We reserve the right to amend or supplement this information on data processing at any time. We will inform you of any amendment to this information on data processing in an appropriate manner (e.g. on our website) when the change comes into effect.

2. Sector-specific data processing for life, accident and liability insurance

In life, passenger accident and liability insurance, we are additionally dependent on the processing of your particularly sensitive data (e.g. health data) in the event of a claim based on your consent obtained at that time. The consent clauses in such cases are supplemented by declarations of release from the duties of confidentiality in order to allow service providers (e.g. physicians, chiropractors, psychologists, persons delivering services on behalf or on instruction of a physician, laboratories, hospitals, inpatient and outpatient medical facilities and nursing homes). The relevant information will be used with your consent at the time of the benefit cases.

We do not always carry out certain (sub-)tasks ourselves, such as the processing of benefit cases in which your health data may be collected, processed or used, but sometimes assign the performance of such tasks to legally independent companies at home and abroad or other Baloise Group companies. This can result in the transfer of health and/or other data protected by law (e.g. the fact that you hold a passenger accident or liability insurance policy with our company). The service providers used by us are contractually obliged to comply with data protection requirements, the duty of confidentiality and data security.

3. Beneficiaries

If you are listed as a beneficiary under a pillar 3a or 3b life insurance policy in the event of an insured event, regardless of whether you are also the policyholder or insured person in the contract, we collect and process the following data in particular when you pay out insurance benefits (endowment, death and annuity benefits):

  • Your personal details (e.g. name, date of birth)
  • Contact data (e.g. address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Bank details for processing subsequent payments (e.g. account number)
  • Information on your family and financial situation (e.g. relationship with policyholder or insured person, tax number)

4. Data security

4.1.          Confidentiality

We treat your data (e.g. contract details, claims details and IP address) as confidential and comply with the applicable data protection provisions. In addition, we adhere to recognised security standards, such as ISO 27001.

4.2.          Internet risks

In transferring data via the internet, you are acting at your own risk. We protect the data you transmit via our webpages during transit by means of appropriate encryption mechanisms.

In addition, we take appropriate technical and organisational security measures to reduce the risks within our websites. Your device, however, is outside the security area that we are able to control. You are therefore required to inform yourself about the necessary security precautions and to take suitable measures in this regard.

4.3.          Email encryption

We will send you requested information by email if you have provided us with your email address. Confidential information is transmitted in encrypted form. If information cannot be shared in encrypted form via email, we will use other channels for this purpose (e.g. the customer portal or Baloise Secure Transfer).

If you use our customer contact form, your data will be sent to us in encrypted form.

4.4.          Blocking of access

In the event of security risks being identified, we explicitly reserve the right to temporarily suspend or, in severe cases, to block access to our webpages until the security risks have been eliminated. We do not accept any liability for any loss or consequential losses arising from the suspension or blocking of access.


If you have any further questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer, who is available to you in the case of information requests, suggestions or complaints.

Baloise Insurance Ltd
Data Protection Officer
Aeschengraben 21, P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel

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