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Household insurance

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Household insurance
  • Covers all persons living in your household
  • Optimal insurance protection with selectable coverage options
  • Combined with legal protection and travel insurance

Protect what is dear to you with household insurance

Enjoy your home. Because with Baloise  household insurance, you no longer have to worry in the event of loss or damage. Whether it’s a fire, a theft or a liability claim – the comprehensive insurance covers all the significant risks. We make good any loss you have suffered and offer support with our unique additional benefits.

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At a glance

In addition to the integrated basic modules, you can supplement your insurance with innovative additional coverages and security modules and put them together individually.

Overview of additional coverages


  • Home contents insurance covers all persons living in your household
  • Optimum insurance coverage with an individual choice of cover options
  • Innovative safety modules for even more security
  • Can be combined with legal expenses insurance and travel insurance
  • eBill: the straightforward and convenient way to pay your premium invoice

Household insurance

Take out insurance simply and easily online

Under 30?

Houshold insurance younGO
  • From 120 CHF per year Great cover, small premium
  • For all under 30 Single-person households, shared apartments or young families
  • Comprehensive coverage Liability insurance and the “Carefree” security module are included

Home contents insurance


Home contents insurance covers, among other damage, the costs caused by fire, smoke, lightning and natural hazards such as high water, storm or hail.


The insurance covers, in general, losses due to destruction, damage or physical loss as a result of an earthquake.

Theft (burglary and simple theft)

In addition to burglary, the insurance also covers simple theft, robbery, loss of luggage and vandalism of home contents and buildings in the event of a theft.


The insurance covers damage, among other losses, resulting from the leakage of water and liquids, the penetration of rain water and snow and backflow.

Glass breakage

This includes the breakage of glass in buildings and furniture – including in the case of materials such as Plexiglas and other plastics used as glazing.

Comprehensive home contents cover

Comprehensive coverage of items that are particularly close to your heart.

Comprehensive mobile phone cover

Cover for damage to your mobile phone.

Safety modules

We protect you against the financial consequences in the event of gross negligence, such as a fire caused by a candle left unattended.

Get optimum cover for credit card or data misuse, malware infections on your electronic device, data loss, cyberbullying or identity theft with the “Protection” safety module.

Lost your front door key? We’ll organise and pay for the locksmith service.

Household insurance

Take out insurance simply and easily online

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