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younGo household insurance is simple and affordable. Available from CHF 120 per year, it is the ideal option for everyone under 30, whether you live alone, in a shared flat, or with your family.

Great cover, small premium

Your first apartment – finally independent! Your head is probably full of ideas for making the most of your new-found freedom.

To make sure the costs are covered in case of a claim, we recommend taking out home contents insurance and liability insurance – and younGo household insurance includes both. This means that not only is everything covered in your home, but also things like handbags, bikes and skis. Thanks to the “Carefree” safety module, your younGo household insurance also covers damage caused as a result of gross negligence.

The budget-friendly one-year contract is available from as little as CHF 10 per month (premium payable annually). The value of the home contents must not exceed CHF 50,000 for single persons and CHF 80,000 for multi-person households; otherwise, you will be insufficiently covered (underinsurance).

Schedule of premiums


Single person

Multi-person household
(e.g. couples, shared apartments and families)

Excluding driving of third-party motor vehicles 120 CHF  200 CHF
Including driving of third-party motor vehicles 180 CHF 280 CHF


Sums insured

  • Single person
    50'000 CHF
  • Multi-person household (e.g. couples, shared apartments and families)
    80'000 CHF


  • Fire / natural hazards, burglary / robbery / simple theft on the premises, and water, incl. off-premises cover of up to CHF 50'000 for single-person households and up to CHF 80'000 for multi-person households (couples, shared apartments and families)
  • Simple theft off premises up to CHF 2000 (e.g. laptop, bike or luggage)
  • Glass breakage up to CHF 5000
  • Up to CHF 10'000'000
  • Incl. tenant damage
  • Optional: Driving of third-party motor vehicles
  • Cover of costs for damage to borrowed vehicles
  • Cover of costs for owner’s loss of no-claims bonus
  • Worldwide cover

Safety modules

“Carefree” safety module
Candle left burning? Gas cooker left on? With the “Carefree” safety module, there is no benefit reduction in the event of damage caused by negligence. In addition, in the event of a fire or burglary, Baloise covers, for example, the return flight from your holiday or a part of the costs for psychological support and for the move to a new home.

Household insurance

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