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Legal expenses insurance

Safeguard your rights

You don’t need to do much to end up in court. It is often enough for others to take action, which quickly become expensive as lawyers’ fees and court costs are rapidly increasing. In cases like this, our legal protection partner, Assista Rechtsschutz AG, is there to support you by analysing the legal situation, advising you and representing your interests in court.


  • Cover for lawyers’ and legal fees
  • Free choice of lawyer
  • Partnership with Assista Rechtsschutz AG, the largest Swiss provider of legal expenses insurance for private individuals
  • Legal expenses insurance applies to all individuals living in your household, regardless of their age or employment status.
  • Attractive premiums – the annual premium costs about the same as one hour of legal advice from a lawyer
  • Legal expenses insurance for private individuals, motorists and home owners can be taken out separately or as a package.


Legal expenses insurance can be combined with home contentspersonal liability (English not available) and travel insurance (combination insurance for private households).

Basic modules

  • Personal legal expenses insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance for motorists

Supplementary cover options

  • Legal expenses insurance for home owners (if personal legal expenses insurance is taken out)

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