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Everything for the best flat party

Everything for the best flat party: Here’s how to throw a great one

When uni stress is taking its toll or work is using up the last of your energy reserves, it is high time to let off some steam. Some do this through exercising, while others prefer partying. Spending time with friends lets you switch off, wind down and recharge your batteries. So what about throwing an awesome flat party? Whether it’s to celebrate the start of the semester, end of exams, new flatmates, birthdays or just because: there’s always a reason to party! If your flatmates are on board, you just need to follow these tips to ensure a successful party night in the flat.


Talk with your flatmates about who you would like to invite and whether you share the “more the better” philosophy. A motley group of fellow students, friends and work colleagues or maybe a smaller number of people? Your guests need to know if they can bring a guest along.  No matter how large or small your flat is, conversations start more quickly in small spaces and the ice is broken in next to no time. As a host, you should always mingle with your guests and briefly introduce the newcomers, especially if they have come alone and don’t know anyone. This way, you guarantee a welcoming atmosphere and provide fuel for conversations.


Nothing happens without music. Whether it’s background music at the start of the party or for dancing in the flat late at night, you should definitely provide good tunes. This is especially important if, rather than a pleasant gathering at home before going out, your flat party is expected to last until the early hours of the morning. If you don’t have a DJ friend and don’t want to be stuck choosing songs for the whole evening, be sure to find a couple of good playlists in advance. Alternatively, you can let your guests choose the music: they can take it in turns to connect their smartphones to the stereo system or speakers via Bluetooth or a cable and play their own music. This way, there’s something for every taste!


A good atmosphere, music and loud laughter are all indications of a good flat party, but your neighbours might see it differently. If the party is quite loud, hassle with them is often inevitable – unless you take precautions:  depending on your relationship with them, you can invite them to your party. Otherwise, it is a sign of good manners to leave a sympathetically worded note on the entrance door a few days in advance telling them you are having a party on a certain date and you would appreciate their understanding and consideration. Tell them to please ring your bell on your door or call you if the party noise disturbs them. As a kind gesture, you can also attach a few packs of ear plugs to your note. Do you reckon that will make them smile?


You need to do enough shopping to ensure all guests are happy and the party doesn’t end prematurely because they are all running dry or their stomachs are rumbling. Snacks, easy-to-prepare finger food or deep-frozen products such as pizzas or ham croissants are easy to afford on a student budget and can be heated and served quickly. Does your flat party have a theme? With a “beer from all over the world” theme, you can put together a varied beer bar or ask your guests to bring a few bottles of their favourite kind. At a Christmas party, you can surprise your guests with homemade mulled wine. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.

#hangovers and other mishaps

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