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Getting removal quotes and finding a company

For many people moving is a big undertaking. When your friends don't have the time to help, your own schedule is already packed or when the logistics seem too difficult, it's time to look for an external expert. There are a number of moving companies that specialise in removals and related services. In this article, we will explain what to look out for when receiving removal quotes and how to find a suitable company.

Define your requirements

Before you start to inquire about moving quotes from different removal companies, you should define which services you need from them. You may already be satisfied if the company covers the transports of your bulky furniture. Or maybe you need help from start to finish: from dismantling your furniture, packing the boxes, transporting everything to your new home, through to reassembling your furniture and connecting your electrical appliances. The price profile of the removal quotes will differ according to your requirements - so it is important to let the moving expert know what you need.

Know the differences when searching for a removal company

If you are looking for a professional moving company, you will find that not every company works the same way.

Fixed price quotes

Some companies will suggest a fixed price. A fixed price has the advantage that the price remains the same, no matter how long the move ultimately takes. This allows you to calculate the exact removal costs in advance.

Hourly rate quotes

Other companies offer a fixed hourly rate. With an hourly rate, the cost of your move is calculated on an hourly basis, so the longer the company works for you, the more expensive it becomes. When booking a quote with an hourly rate, you should insist on a cost ceiling as this determines the maximum number of hours you have to pay.

Home visit quotes

Many companies suggest a home visit in order to record the inventory that needs to be moved. A home visit has the following advantages and disadvantages: On one hand, you have to find a suitable appointment with the company, you will receive only one quote and it usually takes longer to receive the quote. On the other hand, your removal goods can be inspected and surveyed on site by an expert, which reduces the risk of misjudging the workload.

Trade register entry, illicit work and required insurances

We don't want to scare you, but the removal market is opaque; too many companies, too little control. Especially concerning matters like the trade register entry, fair working conditions and required insurances, are issues that are not met by all removal companies on the market. Therefore, check the removal company of your choice carefully before you make a decision. Remember a move is about your belongings and is not entirely cheap - so take a closer look before it's too late.

All these different removal companies and quotations make it challenging to find your way through the maze of various options. MOVU offers a centralised service for arranging tested and quality-assured removal companies to ensure that you receive quotes that exactly meet your needs.

Finding the right company for your move

On www.movu.ch you can easily make an inquiry for your move or request a home visit so that a removal expert will come by and record your inventory. In both cases, you will receive 5 quotes tailored to your moving requirements within 24 hours. All quotes are at a fixed price for an independent offer and price comparison. In addition, a so-called "Move Captain" will be at your disposal free of charge to answer all your questions and help you with any uncertainties or concerns. In addition, every removal quote includes a free All-Risk insurance, supplied by Baloise Insurance. If your removal goods are damaged on the day of the move, they will be reimbursed at replacement value. All MOVU companies are quality-tested, have been registered in the trade register for at least one year, do not tolerate illicit work and have the required insurances.

Fast, reliable and transparent

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