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Little gifts for hosts

As the temperature climbs, we get the urge to get out and about more. We meet up with friends and family more often and feel like inviting them over for a congenial get-together. Once we’ve whipped the balcony or garden into shape, there’s no excuse not to send out the invitations. Regardless of whether it’s for a few drinks and a chat, a relaxed barbecue or a full-on garden party: The main thing is to be together with your favourite people and make the most of the long-awaited warm days and evenings.

What should I give the host?

As a guest, you are delighted to have been asked and, having accepted the invitation, you immediately start thinking about what you could take along for the host. After all, depending on the nature of the event, your host’s kind gesture entails a greater or lesser degree of effort. Is a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers too traditional for you? It’s often hard to know what would be the best thing to give the host or the hostess as a little something to express your appreciation. We can help you to ensure that your gift is to your host’s taste.

For the barbecue expert

He loves the summer because it gives him the long-awaited opportunity to fire up his barbecue and delight his guests with perfectly grilled meat. If your host is a true barbecue fan, he would be delighted to be given a little gift that he can use for his favourite pastime. An unusual seasoning mix or a foreign barbecue sauce from a specialist retailer would certainly be something to pique his interest. A humorous gift idea might be a barbecue branding iron with interchangeable letters and motifs, allowing the true barbecue expert to stamp his mark on the foods he grills. 

For the wine lover

It has become the done thing to take a bottle of wine with you when you are invited to an event. There’s nothing wrong with a taking along a good-quality wine, but if you’d rather take a gift that will stand out from the crowd, we’d recommend a carafe or a decanter. A good wine needs to breathe if its flavours are to fully emerge. This works best in a decanter, which, by the way, need not cost more than a bottle of good wine. Another gift idea for wine lovers is a wine cooler. After all, it’s now peak season for white and rosé wines, which are enjoyed refreshing chilled. Whether it’s in the form of a cooler bag, a sleeve or a bucket, a wine cooler is an absolute must-have during the hot months of the year and is something that will definitely be appreciated by every host.

For the lady of the house

Pretty much every woman likes to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers, but your hostess would get lasting enjoyment from a room or balcony plant. If she enjoys cooking, we'd recommend aromatic herbs such as basil, thyme or rosemary. They can be used to add an extra something to salads and hot dishes and also to give summer cocktails a tart twist. Even if your hostess isn’t blessed with green fingers, a particularly attractive planter will ensure that she has something to remember you by. Other gift ideas for the hostess are chic coasters to add a touch of style and protect table surfaces or a fragrant scented candle. Perfumed candles are perfect to combat unpleasant cooking and smoke odours, which often linger in rooms following a party. 

Stress-free barbecue party

If you yourself are the host, you should be aware that there are downsides to barbecuing on a balcony or terrace. Accidents with serious consequences are not an uncommon occurrence. Regardless of whether you’re using a gas, electric or charcoal barbecue, there is a risk of injury or of damage to your household contents. When everyone is in the party mood, accidents, such as an overturned barbecue causing a fire, can easily happen. Even as a guest, you can accidentally set something alight.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself against such events: with Baloise’s building, household effects and liability insurance. Take care at all times when in proximity to the barbecue and make sure that your enjoyment doesn’t come to a premature end. Your Baloise Insurance advisor will be more than happy to assist you with any questions.

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