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Mastering the move out cleaning like a professional

Once you have finally managed the move, the move out cleaning is still pending. In this post we will explain how you can master it like a professional and what you have to clean.

1. Remove Installations

Everything you have installed in the rented property needs to be removed. This includes nails, glue, hooks, cables, etc. Even installations voluntarily taken over from the previous tenant should be undone. But there is one exception: If your successor explicitly communicates that he wants to take over installations, you can leave them as they are.

2. Clean windows, blinds and shutters

For the move out cleaning you should clean all windows thoroughly. This includes the window frames and window sills. You should also clean the blinds and shutters. Slat blinds must be wiped clean from below and above. Do not use too aggressive cleaning agents for this. Wooden shutters should be wiped down and oiled if necessary.

3. Clean the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is more time-consuming. Because all electrical and permanently installed appliances have to be cleaned. The following kitchen appliances should be clean, degreased and functional: refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, extractor hood and cooker. Note that you must also replace the filters in the extractor hood. Also ensure that all technical kitchen appliances are in perfect condition and that the operating instructions are available. 

4. Clean the bathroom

Above all, cleaning the bathroom means descaling. Limescale settles in all joints, cracks and crevices over time and leaves unattractive deposits behind. Use a professional descaling agent and thoroughly clean all taps, showers, wall tiles and shower walls.

5. Clean floors and walls

Clean the floors thoroughly. Carpets should be shampooed with special cleaning agents. Get professional advice for this from specialised retailers. The walls should also be cleaned. Spider webs and rough dirt are best wiped away with a damp sponge. Image shadow can be removed with special sponges. Holes in the walls should be filled with putty.

6. Professional move out cleaning service

If the move out cleaning is too time-consuming, you can also hire a professional cleaning company for it. Receive and compare 5 non-binding quotes for your move out cleaning via www.movu.ch. Each offer includes a handover guarantee, which means that your apartment is guaranteed to be accepted by the landlord. This gives you the security that you don't need to worry about your apartment being accepted even if your landlord has extremely high demands for the apartment handover, as the company will deal with it for you.

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