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When it’s all over: moving house after a separation

Emotions run high when relationships come to an end. In many cases, at least one of the partners is deeply hurt. Separations are even more painful when you are forced to give up the shared home and the household has to be divided. You can use the following points as a guide to help you move out quickly.

Take a deep breath and press on

The golden rule: as much as emotions are still running high, try to keep a cool head and get everything sorted as quickly as possible. Drawing the process out does not help either party.

Seek help

Get support. This could be from your best friend or from someone in your family. You need someone who can help you organise the move out of the shared home and to act as a mediator if necessary. Our tip: if you are looking for a new apartment, do not just take the first one that becomes available, but find one where you really do feel at home.

Who gets what?

You will probably have made some shared purchases during your relationship. Now you both need to think about who gets which items. Do not start a new War of the Roses, instead try to come to a reasonable agreement on who is entitled to what. There may also be some things from the old relationship that you do not want to have in your new home as you would prefer to make a fresh start there. A good idea: you may be able to reach a decision on dividing the property more quickly if each partner is able to take turns looking for an item one by one.

Creating a list of items owned jointly also helps. You can then also assess how items are divided from a financial point of view. Where appropriate one partner could pay the other partner’s share when it comes to dividing the furniture. If necessary either partner could have a friend with them to make sure that everything is divided fairly, and who can step in when things get too emotional.

Who gets the pet?

Making a decision on who should get the shared pet is difficult of course. Both parties should set aside their egos here too and consider where is best for the pet. Living in a larger home with adequate opportunities for exercise is certainly better for a dog than living on the third floor of an apartment block.

If your ex-partner moves out

Are you not the one who is moving out of the shared home but have decided to stay there? In that case, it clearly makes sense to redesign the home once your ex-partner has moved out. Buy a new sofa, rearrange the old furniture and, above all, what about a new coat of paint for the living room or bedroom? Put your own stamp on the apartment and design it precisely the way you want it.

If emotions are still running high

If emotions are still running high and there are still tears and arguments, things can quickly go wrong and further damage may be the result. It would be very unfortunate if this damage happened to be to your ex-partner’s valuable vase, as he or she could take you to court to sue you for damages. Having liability insurance is useful in a case such as this. It provides comprehensive protection from all major risks and insures you against third-party claims in case of an accident.

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