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Road trip through neighbouring European countries

Inspiration and tips for your next spontaneous holiday

Fancy a spontaneous break? A road trip is a wonderful thing, as it allows you to travel freely and at short notice, as long as you own or hire a car. No advance booking required – adventure calls! Going on holiday doesn’t have to involve painstaking planning. Sometimes it’s just as good to be spontaneous and simply go where the wind takes you. So pack your car and get going!

The most beautiful routes for a road trip

There are some wonderful road trip routes both in Switzerland and in our neighbouring countries. As the saying goes, “the journey is the destination”, and road trips are quite literally all about enjoying the journey. So take your time. However, even if your destination is not the main point of your trip, you should still have a rough idea of your route. This article will give you some inspiration for your next road trip with tips that will turn your unplanned journey into the best spontaneous holiday you’ve ever had.

Road trip through Switzerland

A road trip through our beautiful Switzerland will show you that the best things are often right on our doorstep. Even in your own country, there will always be some spots that you still haven’t explored. If you live in the city and you’re looking for a contrast to your everyday routine, the stunning mountain landscape offers the perfect setting. The routes are often so short that you can see a great deal of Switzerland’s beauty in just a few days.

Road trip through the south of France

With its gorgeous coastal roads, the French Riviera provides a varied route for a road trip. You can decide whether you’d prefer to visit well-known and stylish locations such as Nice, Monaco, Saint-Tropez and so on, or remote or historic places in the heart of the country, such as the Vaucluse plateau and the Luberon mountains. A road trip through Provence and the Côte d'Azur is especially appealing in late summer, when there are comparatively few tourists travelling there and the roads are pleasant to drive along.

Road trip through southern Germany

The southern states of Germany, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, are perfect for a road trip outside Switzerland. Whether you take the idyllic country roads of the Black Forest or a different route, your destinations will enchant you just as much as the journey itself. The youthful atmosphere in university cities like Freiburg or Heidelberg, culture and wine in Würzburg or “Weisswürste” (veal sausages) and Oktoberfest in Munich are all reason enough to take your next road trip through our northern neighbour.

Road trip through Italy

A road trip in Italy is a must for foodies and romantics. The Tuscany region offers stunning landscapes, fine wines and awe-inspiring historic cities such as Florence and Siena or smaller places like San Gimignano. The romantic Cinque Terre with its picturesque villages or the spellbinding Amalfi Coast with its lemon groves and beautiful views over the sea are also popular road trip routes.

Road trip through Austria

Exploring Austria by car is an experience filled with adventure that will satisfy nature-lovers, city-dwelling romantics and foodies in equal measure. From Salzburg to Vienna, from Zell am See to Lake Constance or from Lienz to Graz: the fabulous mountain panoramas, historic fortresses and castles, romantic old towns and some of the most beautiful lakes and rivers in Europe will show you just how beautiful Austria is.

Road trip through Liechtenstein

If you fancy a short road trip, you should consider visiting the Principality of Liechtenstein. With a length of just under 25 km, it’s the sixth-smallest country in the world and doesn’t take long to explore, making it an ideal road trip stop. The main highlights include Vaduz Castle, Gutenberg Castle and the Malbun holiday resort, all of which you can visit as you travel through.

Three top tips for your road trip

Whichever country takes your fancy, remember these three top tips on your road trip to make sure your journey is unforgettable.

Tip 1: Plan roughly and stay flexible

If you are more of a curious, adventurous type, then it could be really exciting to just drive straight off. If you’re always living your life to a schedule, you’ll love the thrill of not knowing where you’ll be sleeping tonight or what the next day has in store. Road trips are more about your attitude and less about planning everything perfectly in advance. Get out of your comfort zone – literally – and embrace the adventure. You’ll also have to trust your gut feeling now and then.

Tip 2: Always go for the picturesque route

Road trips are more about the journey than the destination. The fastest routes are generally via motorways, but if you choose the less-travelled roads, you will see far more of your surroundings. Impressive mountain passes and breathtaking panoramic views will show you that it is invariably worth choosing the picturesque route, even if it means taking a detour. Discovered an enticing mountain lake or an excellent photo opportunity? Stop for a little while and get your camera out or go for a dip in the cool water. These spontaneous decisions and surprising moments are what make a road trip special.

Tip 3: Make sure you’re always safely insured – including in the event of a claim

Whether you travel in your own car, borrow one from somebody or book a hire car, if you’re setting out on a road trip, you don’t want any trouble with your vehicle. There’s a Baloise insurance policy for every situation. We would be happy to advise you on Switzerland’s best low-priced car insurance deals, your options for privately hired vehicles, the excess for hire car insurance and more. With Baloise Insurance, you can enjoy a relaxing trip that won’t cost you any more than expected.

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