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Staycation: time out in your own home

So the thought of holidaying at a distant location with a foreign language, noisy traffic, unfamiliar tastes and sightseeing turmoil doesn’t exactly cause your heart to leap in joyful anticipation? That’s not all that surprising. Sometimes there are phases in life when all we need is simply a bit of time out at home. Within our own four walls, on Balconia, at the nearest lake or the local swimming pool. The “staycation” concept, a composition made up of the words “stay” and “vacation”, is enjoying ever growing popularity. And there are good reasons for this.

Overstimulation in our everyday lives and on holiday

We are inundated with stimuli in our jobs and our everyday lives in general. Particularly highly sensitive and introvert people suffer from this because they perceive many things much more strongly and find them psychologically taxing. The noise of an open-plan office, the crowds using public transport at rush hour, the constant stream of advertising directed at us, the permanent presence of electronic devices... Such people also feel relatively quickly overwrought and stressed when on holiday. They wish to escape the daily grind and step back a bit, but once they’ve arrived at their holiday destination they soon realise that they’ve paid too little attention to their own personal needs, for what some might consider a dream holiday doesn’t have to be the same for the rest.

Travelling means discovering other cultures, getting to know the people, absorbing the language, smells and rhythm of another place. So many new stimuli and impressions can not only be fascinating and enriching but also demanding and exhausting. Those who have experienced the feeling of being overburdened with experiences after their holidays might like to try out another form of holiday for a change: simply having a holiday at home.

Staycation: holidays at home

When we spend time in familiar surroundings, we feel less challenged and can therefore relax more quickly. Although it naturally also helps to have mountains and a sea view which can be visually very relaxing, a familiar environment offers the feeling of safety and security. If your body and mind really need a good rest, simply take a few days off work to spend at home. Without the checklist of things to pack, the stress of the airport, endless lists of sights to visit. You can relax much better if you don’t feel obliged every day to experience or try out something new. Whether you wish simply to sleep in and enjoy just doing nothing, to spend time with those you love, to read a good book on your balcony or to visit a local museum: There’ll be no shortage of relaxing and convivial activities for you at home and in the vicinity.

Good for your wallet

One of the major paradoxes of our time is undoubtedly that we spend huge sums of money on our apartments or houses and furnish them beautifully but ultimately spend comparatively little time in them. Our challenging working lives and a full leisure programme force us to spend most of our time away from home. During the week we rush about with work and everyday things such as cooking and at the weekends we do the cleaning and shopping. And don’t we deserve extravagant holidays after working so much? We therefore lose no time booking a flight and a hotel. And so it goes restlessly on, driven by the pressure of the consumer society.

Those who spend their holidays at home from time to time not only save money but can also finally enjoy the benefits of their fantastic apartments or spacious houses. Gone are the times when Balconia was equated with being unable to afford expensive holidays. Today it’s more about slowing down and simply enjoying taking time off within one’s own four walls. Retreating to the familiar has many more benefits than just the financial ones.

Enjoying one’s home

When was the last time you were able to sit in the sun on the balcony or in the garden calmly and undisturbed? When did you last not only subscribe to magazines but also enjoy browsing through and reading them? Those who don’t travel can also enjoy time with friends and family and even invite friends from outside the city or from abroad to visit them at home. As tour guide we view our own surroundings with different eyes and even discover new places we didn’t know before. 

Staying at home also means being able to take the time to carry out minor improvement works in the garden, on the balcony or indoors that have been on the to-do list for a long time, to have a clear-out and decorate the apartment or to sort out things that have been neglected for ages such as reviewing and if necessary amending insurance policies. Take time also during your staycation to update and archive your administrative records. You’ll then be able to relax much better with a calm conscience. If you create order in your home and life during your holidays, these things won’t get out of hand as quickly in the turmoil of everyday life.

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