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Not being a member of a gym is no reason not to stay active. These days, you can get more or less anything with just one click on your smartphone. Your beach body too? Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to order toned abs from your mobile. With these apps, however, you’ve got the gym in your own back pocket. 

Whenever and wherever you want

It has become an attitude that is characteristic of our times: we want everything, and ideally right now. To achieve this instant gratification of our desires and needs, we buy products we see advertised that are supposed to make us younger, fitter, more attractive or more successful at the drop of a hat. At the same time, social media satiates our social needs: a “Like” or a comment can boost our self-esteem or make us feel like we belong.

In the age of 24-hour online shopping, many people could simply not imagine standing outside the locked doors of a gym. Health and fitness apps are a good idea for anyone who wants to work out at unconventional times because of their personal circumstances or their job. Available round the clock, they can be accessed at any time of day. Whether you’re after high-intensity interval training, outdoor cardio or a comprehensive workout package including tips on your diet, there exists a whole range of free and paid apps that you should try out.

Healthy eating made easy

Ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen”? It means that even the best workout won’t get you where you want to be if you don’t pay attention to your diet. Whether you’re the kind of person who counts calories or would prefer to get inspiration for some healthy recipe ideas, your smartphone can also be your nutrition coach. The MyFitnessPal app lets you calculate your individual daily calorie target and keep a digital food diary – ideal for anyone keen to have an overview of their protein, fat, carbs, sugar and water intake.

If you want to eat a balanced diet but can’t be bothered to count calories or keep a diary, you can download an app packed full of healthy recipes. The Runtasty Rezepte & Ernährung app provides step-by-step instructions for preparing healthy meals quickly and easily. 

Pedometers and running apps

iPhone users will undoubtedly have discovered the Health app that comes with it. This gathers data from your smartphone, your Apple Watch and the apps that you already use to enable you to find information on your overall progress all in one place. For instance, the Health app automatically counts your steps and the distances you have covered walking or running. The recommended amount of daily exercise – 30 minutes – equates to roughly 8,000 steps, although many pedometer apps recommend 10,000 steps a day. People with largely sedentary jobs will have to make a conscious effort to get out and about on foot if they are going to meet this target. Lunch breaks are ideal times for a brief walk, which has the added benefits of aiding digestion and beating the afternoon slump. Another popular tactic for fitting more steps into your day is to get off your bus or tram one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

Pedometer apps are available from the App Store and from Google Play for Android. If you want something that does more than simply count your steps, Runtastic may well be for you. This free app uses GPS to log the exercise you do such as running, walking or cycling. You can map your running routes, track your progress or share details of your activities with friends if you like. Download a pedometer app onto your smartphone and monitor your performance over several days. Most people overestimate how much they exercise in a day and the app can help them to get a realistic idea of the situation and work on improving it.

Full-body training apps

Beginners often use the excuse that they don’t have time to exercise. The answer? Apps offering mini-workouts that last under ten minutes and can be done anywhere. With the 7-Minuten-Trainingseinheit app, which only costs a one-time fee to download, your exercise session is done and dusted in literally seven minutes. The exercises don’t require any equipment, meaning that they can be practised anywhere. Start today and you’ll soon see the results.

The Sweat app is a good idea for women who prefer longer fitness sessions, are looking for tips on healthy meals and want to join an active community.

Female Instagrammers will probably know all about the Australian Kayla Itsines, who created this paid app based on her twelve-week Bikini Body Guide programme. Through 28-minute exercise sessions, workout challenges, meal recommendations and informative articles, you feel almost as if Kayla herself were your own personal trainer and motivation coach.

Taking the best precautions

Want to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible in order to enjoy life to the fullest? An app can help you make your day-to-day life healthier and incorporate more exercise. Talk through your exercise and diet questions with your GP or a personal trainer. As well as taking precautions with your health, you can also address the issue of your financial provision at an early stage and make arrangements for your old age. Your adviser will be happy to answer your questions and help you with anything to do with the pension and investment solutions offered by Baloise Bank SoBa.

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