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The best apps for unforgettable holiday photos and videos

The first dip in the sea, a gorgeous sunset, the local specialities that we can’t pronounce the names of but which look so delicious: There are many more photos on the mobile after the holiday – and some unforgettable moments for us to remember. While we retain the nicest memories in our hearts, a quick snapshot sometimes proves to be the best souvenir.

These days you don’t necessarily need to carry an expensive digital camera with heavy lenses around with you unless you enjoy photographing as a hobby when you’re travelling. The latest generation of smartphones now come with pretty good cameras capable of skilfully capturing your holiday landscape and selfies. However, those with more discerning expectations for their holiday photos will not be entirely satisfied with the raw mobile images. Whether we share them on social media, send them to family and friends or print them out back home to create photo albums, moderate photo editing will get the best out of your holiday snaps. In this article we introduce to you image processing apps that you are best off downloading before your holidays.

The filter world of Instagram

The Instagram photo service has undergone constant further development since it was launched back in 2011. When there were still only very few people using the online service to share their photos, it initially served as an image processing app. Users were introduced to the world of mobile image processing with vintage-inspired filters, a higher photo resolution and special functions such as tilt-shift (the creative technology for shifting the focal range). Today the app has over a billion users and offers a wide range of colour and face filters for both the photos in the feed and the videos in the ‘stories’ that enables everyone to convey their personal aesthetics. The largest photo app is constantly adding new functions that are offered in specialised apps. For example, the “Focus” story function enables the popular bokeh effect (blurred background) to be achieved – even if you don’t have the very latest smartphone model.

Individual colour worlds

Those wishing to stand out from the conventional Instagram filters will find something to suit them from various apps such as “Afterlight2” or “VSCO”. While the former app is subject to charge, “VSCO” also has free features: Alongside a number of image processing tools such as exposure, contrast, temperature and many others, these apps are above all known for their numerous features that can be individually adjusted in terms of their intensity. Both are very popular among persons appreciating a uniform look – currently the absolute trend among amateur photographers and Instagram users. 

For advanced image editors

Those who know the ropes in image processing will love the “Snapseed” app. The app from Google performs even better in many comparisons than the proprietary app created by Photoshop. It is considered one of the best photo apps at present for both iPhones and Android devices. Advanced editors can use more complex functions such as “curves”, “white balance”, “paintbrush” and “double exposure” to adjust colours, correct poor light conditions and be very creative.

Playful designs and layouts

Do you have a lot of fantastic snapshots that you’d like to merge into a collage? The “Layout” app from Instagram enables you to crop several holiday photos to form one picture. Open the app and select all the photos you’d like to assemble. The app offers more than ten design templates. Whether you want all the images to be the same size or would prefer several vertical and horizontal image sections, you can reflect your images, add borders and give your creativity free rein. 

If one picture alone doesn’t say more than a thousand words

Typography apps are very popular as many persons wish to add locational details, a date or brief quotations to their pictures. The free “Phonto” app allows you to supplement your pictures with brief messages and graphic details, for example. You can select from a large number of pre-installed fonts to do this. In a second step you can also explore the more intricate functions comprising editing options such as font size, shadowing, opacity and spacing. A lot of features can be varied so that your creation has a more beautiful effect.

Those seeking special formats such as a self-created holiday postcard or flyer should download the “Canva” app. Special formats such as Facebook cover pictures, stories and many more are already stored as predefined layouts so that your creation merely requires further refinements and adjustments. Bonus: The magnificent designs look very professional even if the photo used has been taken with a smartphone.

Next-level Instagram stories

You should download the free “Unfold” app if you wish to share more than a picture in your Instagram stories. Thanks to its uncluttered design, the app is self-explanatory and easy to handle. Various templates that capture the precise zeitgeist will enable you too to compile fantastic Instagram stories in a jiffy.

Your very own holiday video

The trend from the photo to the moving image is making inevitable headway. But don’t worry: You don’t have to be a videographer to record the best holiday moments in an unexpected and entertaining manner in the form of videos. Instagram offers several functions and apps for this. For example, with “Boomerang”, an app from Instagram, you can capture a movement as a mini video. Jumping into the pool, waves breaking on the beach, a delicious ice cream melding in the summer sun... such moments are often captured more vividly with boomerangs or videos.

As of recently Instagram has also offered the option of uploading videos with a duration of up to 60 minutes with its IGTV video platform (“Instagram TV”). If the 60 seconds per video in the feed or the 15 minutes in the “stories” are not enough for you, you can therefore experiment during your next holiday with IGTV.

Far away from social networks

If you wish to create a video with your holiday memories but not post it either on YouTube or on any other social network, you can of course also do this. We recommend the “Quik” app from GoPro. The app is easy to use and offers a wealth of functions. Create your own professional-looking videos on your smartphone or tablet in next to no time. You can use both photos and videos for this and leave the rest to the app. Quik will find interesting moments, add smooth transitions and exciting effects and synchronise all this with the rhythm of the music in just a few seconds.

Use our tips to put the finishing touch to your holiday photos or create unforgettable holiday videos. A holiday often offers the time and leisure to try out new apps and the result certainly won’t disappoint you.

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