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Five reasons to get on your bike

It’s easy to decide to jump on your bike when the birds are tweeting and there’s a gentle breeze, but cycling offers enormous physical and financial benefits at any time of year, not just in the warmer months. Is your bike gathering dust in the basement? Want to change that? Get it out and acquire a new habit that will enrich your life. Need a bit of a push to persuade you to jump on the saddle? These five reasons will convince you to get on your bike more frequently: 

#1 Good for your health

Getting fit without even noticing: that’s surely something we’d all like. Cycling in the great outdoors benefits your health in many different ways. Regular exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, strengthens your immune system and improves your stamina. This lowers the risk of illness and reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack. Getting on your bike on a regular basis means that you’ll automatically burn up more calories each day. As a result, those excess pounds will simply fall away. Cycling also has a beneficial impact in the bedroom: you’ll notice that you sleep better and your sex life may also benefit from your new-found vitality.

#2 Looks after your wallet

Assuming you already own a bicycle, you’ll save a lot of money. Not having to spend money on expensive petrol or public transport means you’ll be able to put more aside. If you own a car, regular cycling will have an indirect impact on the lifespan of your car. When you come to sell it at some point in the future, it’ll attract a higher price than if you had used it more because you weren’t cycling.

#3 Improves your mood and reawakens childhood memories

Cycling helps to improve your mood in a number of ways. In the dark winter months in particular, we don’t get enough daylight. This leads to a deficiency in vitamin D, which has a negative effect on our mood. You can prevent this by jumping on your bike. It will also make you see the world differently. Instead of staring at your smartphone while sitting in a tram, take in your surroundings, wave to the neighbours, listen to the birds or admire a blossom-covered tree as you ride past. You’ll soon realise that cycling can reawaken carefree childhood memories. Consciously slowing down will improve your ability to handle the stresses and strains of everyday life. Particularly after a hard day’s work, you’ll notice how cycling can really help you “switch off”. We bet that you’ll soon be wishing that your commute were longer.

#4 Clever commuting

Your bike’s greatest advantage over other means of transport: not getting stressed by the chaotic traffic, long traffic jams or lack of space. Being able to park almost anywhere gives you a new-found freedom and saves you valuable time. For example, bicycle parking spaces are often near the entrances of buildings and are free of charge. Cycling is a simple, clever way of commuting that soon becomes a habit.

#5 Get to know your neighbourhood better

Cycling lets you explore the less busy back streets, which you miss when you travel by bus or tram. Even if you’ve lived in your area for some time, you’ll notice things in your neighbourhood that you’ve probably never noticed before when you’re out and about on your bike. A little shop, a hidden park or a clever shortcut: Get a whole new view of your surroundings.

Keep calm at all times, even in an emergency

Theft or vandalism: Bikes unfortunately often make easy targets, especially in big cities. Insure your bike or e-bike easily and quickly, even against damage caused by falls and crashes. Your bicycle insurance offers a quick, 24/7 solution for losses of this kind. Discover the benefits now and take out Baloise bike insurance online.

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