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Tips and tricks for a successful business trip

Business trips can be really taxing and stressful – but they don’t need to be. Whether you’re going on a business trip for the first or the umpteenth time, these tips and tricks will make your business trip more pleasant.

Today’s business world is so interconnected that both long and short trips are part of the day-to-day lives of many professionals. Quickly hopping on a plane to get to a meeting, visiting suppliers and customers, taking part in a conference and wrapping up deals – business trips can be taken for all manner of reasons and often involve a train journey, a short car ride or even a long-haul flight.

Jet lag, empty battery and unexpected mishaps – business trips can be really taxing and stressful – but they don’t need to be. Whether you’re going on a business trip for the first or the umpteenth time, these tips and tricks will make your business trip more pleasant.

Rely on the right travelling companions

Depending on how long you’re going away for, you’ll be travelling with or without suitcases, meaning that your packing list may be longer or shorter. Even those who frequently go away on business can forget something important from time to time and that’s annoying.

So, why not prepare a general checklist of what you need and cross off the items you’ve packed? This normally includes your travel documents, laptop, charging cable, business cards, a healthy snack and more. Your individual packing list may of course vary depending on the industry you work in, your job and your reason for travelling.

Take some time to prepare one extensive packing list that you can use time and again for your trips. In the long run, not only will you save time, but you’ll also spare your nerves as you won’t forget anything. Each time you go away on business, you can update your packing list to make your next trip and stay even more pleasant with the right travel essentials.

Invest in good luggage

Choosing the right luggage directly influences how nice your journey can be. A saggy old bag does nothing for your professional image and isn’t the most sturdy if you need to check in your luggage. But hand luggage is generally the best choice for business trips as you can save precious time. A functional, high-quality hard-shell suitcase will accompany you on many business trips. There are now also models that have USB ports to charge your devices.

Develop a routine

Do you prefer to use the time on a train journey or flight to relax or would you rather be doing something productive? What do you need for both scenarios? Seasoned professionals store all the essentials in a separate bag in their hand luggage. Reading material, noise-cancelling headphones, a power bank for your laptop and smartphone, an eye mask and more should all be to hand in one place. If you develop a tried-and-tested travel routine, you won’t hold up your fellow passengers unnecessarily while boarding and you can take your seat more quickly and free up the aisle.

Remembering is good, making notes is better

With your thoughts already on the meeting, sometimes it’s like you’re on autopilot and you go about things absent-mindedly. So, it’s hardly surprising that you don’t consciously take note of certain things going on around you. Which storey did I park my car on at the airport? What’s my room number at the hotel? This can all soon get muddled up, especially for those who travel a lot. It’s great if you can memorise everything, but if you note down important information, you’ll be on the safe side. Get into the habit of using the “Notes” function on your smartphone to do this. You’ll be glad when you don’t have to strain your brain even more when you’re exhausted.

Have the details of your travel insurance to hand

Your company has business travel insurance that gives you comprehensive cover on your business trips. You may be faced with travel delays, cancellation costs, lost luggage and more, which can all be extremely irritating. Find out about the details and handy services in good time so that you have all the information to hand in case of an emergency. Time is money, and you don’t want to be losing either of these on your business trip.

Go away on business without worrying about a thing

If you plan ahead in good time and follow these tips, you’ve set yourself up as best you can for an enjoyable and successful business trip.

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