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What type of holidaymaker are you?

With spring here at last, we all start thinking about our holidays

Where should we go this year? If you have yet to make plans for all of your annual leave allocation, you should count yourself lucky because planning holidays can be a lot of fun if you know how best to do it. The most important thing is to know what you want out of your holiday. City tours with a full programme of sightseeing may sound great to some, but for others they an exercise of misery. There’s no such thing as the perfect holiday, but there is the perfect holiday for you. Find out what type of holidaymaker you are and which slightly offbeat trending destinations you should consider for your next trip. All the anticipation will mean that your holiday starts before you even leave home.

Active adventurers

Dolce far niente? That’s not your thing! Your idea of a dream holiday involves doing things, not lying around. Doing as much and as many things as possible. Hiking, cycling, climbing, snorkelling, golfing ... You like to try new things when you’re on holiday and you enjoy your surroundings best when you’re doing something sporty. Not only do you experience a welcome change from your everyday life, you come back fit and bursting with energy.

Our recommendation: Latvia is an insider tip in every way – but visit it soon. The Latvian capital Riga was voted one of the top popular European travel destinations in 2018 by TripAdvisor. The Art Nouveau old town, which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is undoubtedly worth a visit. Active adventurers will be attracted by the country’s pristine forests and the more unspoilt areas of the country. Canoeing in nature reserves, kite surfing in the Baltic Sea, fishing on forest lakes, hiking in national parks, summer cycling tours or winter skiing trips: Latvia is the perfect destination for activity breaks.

Digital Detox for the overworked

You’ve activated the ‘out of office’ notification, but a quick look at the inbox can’t hurt. The next thing is that you’re answering an urgent e-mail. Soon you’re uploading a photo and leaving a comment on a picture – before you know it, you’re spending valuable time on your smartphone rather than immersing yourself fully in the holiday atmosphere. This is something that stressed workaholics and social media fans find particularly difficult. Nonetheless, an increasing number of people want to switch off during their precious holidays. Digital detox, deliberately turning your back on the Internet, allows you to concentrate fully on the offline world by switching off your brain and your mobile phone.

Our recommendation: Is a mountain hut in a remote area not exotic enough for you? Then how about Havana, an on-trend holiday destination of recent years that continues to be very popular? Caribbean flair and old, decaying colonial architecture are what draw tourists to the city. There’s plenty to photograph, but you’ll have to wait until after your holiday to post them onto the Internet because, according to the travel search engine Kayak, 98% of hotels in the Cuban capital do not offer WiFi. Enjoy this journey back in time and savour the opportunity to be offline.

Architecture and culture lovers

Enjoy being in the centre of the action? Interested in history, architecture and art? Then a city break with an enormous range of cultural attractions will be the perfect fit for you. As a visual and creative person, you love being inspired by architectural masterpieces when you travel. Regardless of whether your taste is modern or historical, as someone with an interest in architecture, you enjoy outstanding buildings of all kinds. Get yourself a guidebook and identify the sights and activities that you won’t want to miss out on.

Our recommendation: Malta, the beautiful Mediterranean island, made it this year into the top 10 countries recognised by Lonely Planet as “Best in Travel 2018”. The entire city of Valletta, the Maltese capital, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow streets of Valletta, which are arranged in a chequered pattern, are lined by ornate townhouses with traditional limestone façades. The major attractions of the city include the fortified city walls overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the spectacular St. John’s Co-Cathedral, as well as the prehistoric inland temples. In its role as the 2018 Capital of Culture, the city will additionally be hosting a biennial of contemporary art and international film festivals this year. There’s a whole host of reasons to put this destination on your bucket list.

Shopaholics and design enthusiasts

London, Paris, Milan – as a confirmed lover of fashion, you are familiar with the world’s fashion capitals. Your favourite travel souvenirs come in the form of clothing, accessories or unusual furnishings. Regardless of whether in the form of select boutiques or street markets, you love being inspired by different countries’ fashions, traditions and designs and taking some outstanding pieces home with you. It’s your idea of a perfect souvenir.

Our recommendation: This city not only boasts a culture that stretches back millennia, but also its own fashion week: Specialist fashion, beautiful designer hotels and traditional bazaars come together in Istanbul. While the first thing that springs to mind might be spices, jewellery and carpets, the local design scene has plenty more to offer. Local designers are concentrated in the fashionable area around the Galata Tower, but the huge shopping centres also offer an excellent all-round shopping experience. Given the many shopping opportunities, make sure you have enough room in your suitcase to bring back your purchases.

Gourmets and wine lovers

Would you like a holiday where you can indulge yourself with culinary delicacies and enjoy local specialities? Discovering a city or a country through its cuisine allows you to learn a lot about the locals and their traditions. Your idea of the perfect holiday is having the opportunity to visit producers and markets, sample the local specialities and maybe even learn to prepare them yourself.

Our recommendation: We heartily recommend Lyon as a perfect destination for a culinary holiday. The city, located in the south-east of France, attracts hordes of gourmets and wine lovers each year and the city of the renowned chef Paul Bocuse is considered the world capital of gastronomy. From its market halls to the many bouchons, the typical Lyonnais restaurants and the world-famous wines of the Beaujolais region, you are sure to enjoy your stay in Lyon. 

The most important factor for a carefree holiday

You’ve picked your dream destination, you’ve booked the tickets and the hotel, but have you also thought about travel insurance? You would be very disappointed if you were unable to travel or had to interrupt your trip due to illness. Bad luck and emergencies don’t take holidays. Take precautions and don’t let a dark cloud cast a shadow over your anticipation. Get a quote now with just a few clicks and take out your travel insurance easily online.

Travel insurance

Travel with peace of mind and enjoy carefree holidays

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