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Car insurance

Vehicles & Travel
Car insurance
  • Purchase price compensation in full up to the seventh year of operation
  • Coverage of lights and assistance systems
  • Interior insurance
Switzerland’s low-priced car insurance with top marks for customer satisfaction and individual insurance benefits. We keep our foot on the accelerator to get you back on the road quickly. Discover the benefits now and take out Baloise car insurance online.


  • Comprehensive insurance cover with an individual choice of supplementary cover options
  • Innovative safety modules for even more protection and security
  • Exclusive benefits such as cheaper driver safety training, a premium discount if you stay accident-free, and lots more
  • eBill: the straightforward and convenient way to pay your premium invoice

Rapid and professional damage repair

Entrust one of our partner companies with the professional repair of your vehicle. You benefit from our exclusive services, such as:

  • Free replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired
  • Interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle
  • Collection and delivery service for the damaged vehicle within the partner garage’s region

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Always safely insured – even in the event of a claim


Liability insurance

Required by law

Liability insurance is legally required insurance for all registered keepers of the vehicle. It covers any damage that you (as the driver of a motor vehicle) may cause to other road users, animals or property. It protects you against unjustified claims for damages made against you.
For details of the Liability Package, please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Part comprehensive insurance

The Part Comprehensive Package includes liability as well as part comprehensive cover.
We provide cover for damage to the insured vehicle as a result fire, natural hazards, vandalism (breaking of antenna, rear-view mirror, windscreen wiper or similar), glass breakage, marten bites, collision with animals and theft. If necessary, we will also bear the cost of salvaging the vehicle in these cases.

Fully comprehensive insurance

The Fully Comprehensive Package includes all benefits of liability, part comprehensive and collision insurance. Comprehensive financial cover for damage caused by, with or to your vehicle. Damage due to collision, scratching or painting of the vehicle is insured. The Fully Comprehensive Package also provides cover for damage to insured vehicles as a result of fire, natural hazards, vandalism, glass breakage, marten bites, collisions with animals and theft. If necessary, we will also bear the cost of salvaging the vehicle in these cases.

Safety modules

More security and protection thanks to supplementary cover

Upgrade your basic insurance with a choice of useful supplementary cover options.

Lights and assistance systems

“First-party damage” safety module

“Carefree” safety module




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