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The www.baloise.ch website is the internet presence of

  • Baloise Insurance Ltd
  • Baloise Life Ltd
  • Baloise Bank Ltd
  • Baloise Asset Management Ltd
  • Baloise Perspectiva Collective Foundation BVG (hereinafter: "Perspectiva") and
  • Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds (hereinafter: "BAP")

The website is operated on the systems of Baloise Insurance Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Baloise”) and designed in cooperation with various partners.

Persons accessing this website and calling up information from it hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.

Scope of application

The scope of application of the services presented on this web page may vary. In this connection, please observe the relevant notices on the individual web pages. Generally, this web page is not intended for persons who are prohibited from accessing it on the basis of legislation applicable to them. Furthermore, the following applies: Unless noted otherwise,

  • the products and services of Baloise Insurance Ltd presented on this web page are only intended for persons residing or domiciled in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  • the products and information of Baloise Bank Ltd presented on this web page are not intended for persons residing or domiciled in the USA, UK, Canada and Japan. Persons domiciled in other countries should please note the applicable sales restrictions for the relevant products and services.
  • the fund products presented on this website and the associated information provided by Baloise Bank SoBa Ltd and Baloise Fund Invest, a division of Baloise Insurance Ltd, are only intended for persons resident or domiciled in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg or the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  • the services provided by Baloise Asset Management Ltd in the areas of investment consulting and asset management are directed primarily at Swiss-domiciled companies
  • the fund products and associated information of Baloise Asset Management Ltd, a corporate division of the Baloise Group, presented on this website are intended only for persons residing or domiciled in Switzerland, Germany or Luxembourg (in accordance with the individual funds’ country registration). If you are not domiciled in one of these countries, you are not permitted to access this website. Irrespective of their domicile, “US persons” (see here) for a definition of US persons) are expressly prohibited from visiting this website
  • the products and services of Perspectiva and BAP presented on the website are exclusively for persons resident and/or subject to social insurance law in Switzerland.
Use of the web page and disclaimer of liability

Baloise, in designing and managing their web pages, takes all the necessary technical and organisational precautions to ensure their correct operation. Nevertheless, incidents such as loss or falsification of data, virus attacks, business interruptions, etc., cannot be ruled out. Users access the web pages at their own risk. In particular, Baloise provides no guarantee for the functioning or faultless functioning of the web page. Nor can they guarantee that the web page or the server it is stored on is free from viruses or faulty components. Baloise shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or consequential loss or damage, resulting from access to their web pages or elements contained on their web pages or their use (or from any inability to access or use the web pages or elements). Furthermore, in the event of security risks being detected, Baloise expressly reserves the right to interrupt or, in serious cases, to block access to their web pages until such time as those problems have been rectified. Baloise shall not be liable for any loss or damage, or consequential loss or damage, resulting from the interruption or blocking of access.

Reliability of the published information and exclusion of warranty

Baloise exercises due diligence to ensure that the information published on its websites is correct and up to date at the time of publication. Nevertheless, neither Baloise nor its contractual partners can give any implicit or explicit warranty (incl. warranty to third parties) regarding the precision, reliability and completeness of the information provided. Accordingly, no information contained on this website shall be construed as an offer, a recommendation or an invitation (or the like) to make an investment decision. Neither Baloise nor its contractual partners shall therefore be liable for any losses sustained as a result of investment decisions (including in particular shares and bonds) taken on the basis of erroneous or insufficient information, or owing to a lack of information. Please note, in particular, that the future performance of a product or investment instrument cannot be deduced from past performance. Likewise, the protection of the value of capital invested can also not be guaranteed. The products and services presented on the web pages of Baloise shall not be construed to be an offer or recommendation to purchase or sell investment instruments, or to conclude insurance contracts. Unless expressly stated otherwise, Baloise reserves the right to reject an application without stating reasons. Before opting for a product or service, please read the Terms and Conditions to the contract and the basic legal information (e.g. the sales prospectuses and annual and semi-annual reports, etc.), and seek the advice of our customer advisers or of a qualified expert.

Web links

Baloise webpages contain links to other websites. Baloise has not checked these sites and assumes no responsibility for their content, for the products or services offered or other offers made, or for adherence to data protection provisions. Users activate a link at their own risk.

Modification clause

Baloise reserves the right to modify information on its websites at any time and without prior notice.


All elements are protected by copyright (all rights reserved) and are owned exclusively by Baloise. Website content may be accessed, copied, saved and edited, fully or in parts, for private use only. If entire elements or parts thereof are reproduced in any form, either electronically or in print, Baloise must be mentioned by name. Copyright notices, trademarks and other legally protected names may not be altered or removed. Full or partial reproduction for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written consent by Baloise. Third party copyrights remain reserved.

Special provisions relating to the investment funds of Baloise Fund Invest (Lux) (hereinafter “BFI”) presented on this website

Subscription to BFI units
Subscriptions to units in BFI are only valid in conjunction with the most recent prospectus, together with the latest annual report, and the latest semi-annual report if this is more recent than the management report. No one is permitted to disclose information that is not in the prospectus or the publicly accessible documents mentioned in the prospectus. Risk notice in connection with investment in BFI units
Investors should note that all investments involve risk and that no compensation will be paid for any losses resulting from an investment in sub-funds. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that BFI will achieve its investment objective. Neither BFI nor the members of its Board of Directors or their authorised representatives or financial advisers can offer any assurances with regard to future performance. Subscribers and prospective buyers of units of the company are advised to inform themselves as to the tax implications, legal requirements and restrictions and currency exchange regimes of their home country or place of residence as relevant to the subscription to, holding and sale of units of the company. US persons
No steps have been taken to register BFI or units in BFI with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as prescribed by the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and its amendments, or to comply with other regulations with regard to securities. Therefore, the BFI prospectus may not be introduced, transmitted to, or disseminated in the United States, its federal states or dependent territories or transmitted to citizens or resident persons, companies, associations or other legal entities founded in the United States or subject to its laws (all these persons are hereinafter referred to as “US persons”). Furthermore, units in BFI may not be offered or sold to US persons. Any violation of these restrictions may constitute a breach of the United States securities legislation. The Board of Directors of BFI may demand the immediate recall of units bought or held by US persons, including from investors who only become US persons as defined herein after purchasing the units.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

All legal relations resulting from access to a Baloise webpage are subject to Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction concerning Baloise Insurance Ltd, Baloise Asset Management Ltd, Perspectiva and BAP is Basel. The exclusive place of jurisdiction concerning Baloise Bank Ltd is Solothurn.