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Institutional Investors
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Our investment solutions

Baloise has been successfully managing its insurance assets for more than 150 years. Nowadays, its investment expertise is grouped under the Asset Management of Baloise, which looks after both the Baloise Group's own assets and the investments of its clients. As one of Switzerland's 10 biggest asset managers, we know how to seize opportunities in today's complex market and offer you tailored investment solutions with attractive performance prospects to meet your needs.

A first-class centre of excellence for your investments
Offer for pension funds

In Baloise, you are choosing an experienced partner for your pension fund that knows the Swiss pensions market inside out. From asset management and insurance, to a comprehensive array of services: we provide help in all the areas that are critical for long-term, successful pension schemes.

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Offer for asset managers
Offer for banks
Offer for insurance companies
Offering for other institutional clients
Full product range
All Investment solutions

We offer you investment solutions in the fields of equities, bonds, alternative investments, real estate and multi-assets. The focus is always on balancing expected returns against investment risk. Our aim is to add value in the form of increased returns while keeping risk low. Our focus on security and risk management is reflected both in the daily management of the portfolio and in the shaping of our risk-minimizing investment strategies.

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Four good reasons to choose the Asset Management of Baloise
Attractive investment performance

While our portfolio managers all have their personal opinions of how the markets will perform, they all share a common objective: giving our clients access to the most promising investment opportunities and offering attractive investment performance.

A professional approach and continuity

The same experienced team of portfolio managers looks after your investment assets and our own corporate assets. In this way, you benefit from a highly professional approach and continuity in the management of your investment assets.

Comprehensive market analyses

The investment officers responsible for both corporate and clients' assets meet up regularly with our market analysts and Executive Committee to discuss world events and the situation in the capital markets. Our portfolio managers combine this information with your specific financial preferences to craft a customised investment portfolio.

“State of the art”

Our size allows us to implement professional, state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising modern tools and a range of data suppliers. You will receive a monthly report featuring performance indicators, securities account or product summaries and specific analyses according to your needs. At least once a year, your portfolio manager will review the performance with you; you are welcome to tap into our experts' specialist knowledge at any time.

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