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Systematic Funds BFI Systematic Conservative for the cautious investor
Private investor

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Defensive expert
BFI Systematic Conservative

Although you value stability and a high degree of security for your investments, you are also prepared to accept minor fluctuations in performance if this helps to increase the returns on your assets.

  • The fund may invest up to 100% in equities in order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the financial markets. The average long-term equity allocation is 30%.
  • In negative market phases, equities are shifted into safer investments (bonds, money market investments). The share of equities can be reduced to 0%. This is done with the aim of limiting losses.
  • In the currencies Swiss franc and euro.
  • For cautious investors (target volatility 5%).
Risk/reward profile
Use a systematic approach

If you make or liquidate investments at the right time, you can make the most of the performance of an investment. Systematic funds are designed according to this basic rule. They invest consistently in the most liquid equities and bond markets, which are identified by computer-assisted algorithms based on the current market situation. Purely systematic.


Overview of significant risks
The investment result of the participation in this UCITS fund depends on a variety of legal, economic and tax circumstances. Only excerpts of the risks are presented here. A detailed description of the main risks associated with the investment can be found in the sales documents, in particular the sales prospectus and the key investor information. Before deciding to purchase units in the investment fund, investors should carefully read the following risk information (excerpt) and take it into account when making their investment decision. The occurrence of one or more of these risks may, in itself or together with other circumstances, have an adverse effect on the performance of the investment fund or the assets held in the investment fund and thus also have an adverse effect on the unit value.

Essentially, the following risks exist:

Liquidity risks: If a very large number of investors wish to redeem their units at the same time, the Fund's liquidity may not be sufficient to meet all redemption requests. In such cases, the capital management company must suspend unit redemption with the consequence that investors may not be able to dispose of their invested capital - possibly for a longer period of time. Ultimately, the fund may be liquidated, resulting in the sale of all assets. If applicable, an investor will only receive the liquidation proceeds attributable to his units after complete liquidation.

Operational risks: Human or technical failure, inside or outside the company, but also other events (such as natural disasters or legal risks) can cause losses to the fund. The active strategy is sometimes implemented with liquid derivative financial instruments (futures). The use of derivatives usually results in a leverage effect.

Factsheets BFI (Lux) - BFI Systematic Conservative R-H CHF pdf - 156 KB BFI (Lux) - BFI Systematic Conservative R EUR pdf - 166 KB BFI (Lux) - BFI Systematic Conservative N-H CHF pdf - 159 KB

N CHF: Open to customers of Baloise Bank AG, Solothurn and other investors in accordance with the fund prospectus.

Folder (in German) Folder Systematic Fonds pdf - 237 KB
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