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Corporate Direct Lending

With Baloise as a substantial anchor investor in the Baloise Corporate Direct Lending Fund, investors are given access, via the fund’s separate feeder, to two top-tier corporate direct lending managers, Hayfin and Permira, that provide debt financing for European private-sector companies. With an estimated expected net return1 of 300–500 bps above the EURIBOR and less of a risk compared to high-yield bonds, this asset class offers qualified investors an interesting and profitable instrument for diversifying traditional portfolios. The innovative structure also offers semi-liquidity in an otherwise illiquid asset class (after an initial Lock-up period).

Classification of long-term risk-return profile
Source: Asset Management of Baloise; for illustration purposes only
Source: Asset Management of Baloise; for illustration purposes only


«Corporate Direct Lending is an interesting alternative to high-yield bonds due to the lower risk involved. The partnership with Baloise gives investors access to top-tier managers.»

Viktoras Vatinas, Senior Portfolio Manager, Asset Management

Infrastructure Debt Fund

The Baloise Infrastructure Debt Fund provides qualified investors with access to the three top-tier infrastructure managers Infranity, MEAG and Macquarie, which provide debt financing for European infrastructure projects. Infrastructure debt is a suitable alternative to government bonds with comparable risk but higher expected returns. With Baloise as a substantial anchor investor and an exposure of over EUR 1.2 billion, investors benefit from a strong alignment of interest and the long-standing expertise of the Baloise Asset Management investment team.

Classification of long-term risk - return profile
(Chart in german)
(Chart in german)

Source: Asset Management of Baloise

«Infrastructure debt investments are an interesting alternative to government bonds. Through a partnership with Baloise, investors gain access to top-tier infrastructure managers at attractive conditions.»

Samuel Müller, Portfolio Manager, Asset Management

Senior Secured Loans Fund (SSL)

Baloise's Senior Secured Loans Fund (SSL) combines Baloise Asset Management's knowledge in the area of senior secured loans with the expertise of three carefully selected, independent loan managers from the field of credit analysis and selection. Spread across a broad base of international subsidiaries, the Baloise Group has invested more than a billion francs in this investment fund.

«SSL are largely immune to rising interest rates, offering a valuable contribution to the portfolio.»

Thomas Haueter, Senior Portfoliomanager, Asset Management 

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