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Mixed asset management mandates

Are you in search of a comprehensive asset management solution for the assets of your pension fund, foundation, company or public institution?
Baloise offers institutional clients optimised investment strategies encompassing all asset classes that are tailored to suit their needs. We pursue strategies with strategic weights and ranges, as well as risk-based approaches.

Holistic optimisation together with our bank or the partner of your choosing from the strategy phase to tactical positioning, stock selection and implementation lays the foundation for long-term success.

As an active asset manager, we exploit sustainable trends and opportunities on the various financial and capital markets as part of our portfolio management activities. We adopt a prudent, systematic and cost-effective approach so as to meet individual client needs in the best possible way. We invest responsibly and incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into our investment strategy based on your needs.


If you opt for a mandate solution, you have the option of having your investments assets held in a securities custody account at our bank. We offer you the best of banking and asset management, allowing you to benefit from an attractive offering featuring fully automated processes.

Holistic solutions for pension funds

For pension funds, we also offer our investment expertise via the BVG-Mix collective investment vehicles of the Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds or via links to the semi-autonomous Perspectiva Collective Foundation.

BVG Mix products

The three mixed pension products available from the Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds aim to achieve attractive returns in CHF through broad diversification and active management.

“Successful investment is all about broad diversification, constantly weighing up the various asset classes in terms of their attractiveness, and responding flexibly to changing circumstances.”

Daniel Kuenzi, Senior Portfoliomanager
Asset Management

BVG Mix Dynamic Allocation

Rather than focusing on a fixed investment strategy, the diversified investment product BVG Mix Dynamic Allocation available from the Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds flexibly manages equity allocation depending on the current market situation.

“All too often, negative trends last longer than investors imagine. Opting for a hedging strategy can offer additional benefits in such circumstances.”

Andreas Bertschi, Senior Portfoliomanager
Asset Management 

Factsheets BAP - LPP-Mix 15 Plus I pdf - 118 KB BAP - LPP-Mix 25 Plus I pdf - 118 KB BAP - LPP-Mix 40 Plus I pdf - 123 KB BAP - LPP-Mix Dynamic Allocation 0 - 40 I pdf - 156 KB
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