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Financial knowledge Why investment funds

Advantages of this type of investment

Is it wise to invest money at times like these?
Of course it is! Because when all is said and done, assets are meant to accumulate.

The fundamental aim of all investors is to see their assets grow so that they can reach their personal financial goals. But especially these days, conventional solutions such as savings accounts face a major challenge: persistently low interest rates mean that this approach barely generates any return.

So I should save my money using an investment fund?

Yes! Because investment funds offer attractive investment opportunities. The advantages of investment funds at a glance:

Reduce your costs

Investment funds are open to all investors. and you can make investments of any size, including smaller amounts. Due to the significantly greater volume of managed assets contributed by all the participating fund investors together, the cost to you as a private investor is lower than if you were to invest in the corresponding individual securities.

Moreover, because the net asset value (NAV) of your fund is updated online every day and published in various daily newspapers, you always know how your fund is performing.

Seize rewarding opportunities

An investment fund allows you to participate in the international financial markets even with only small investment contributions. As such, the invested capital is spread across numerous asset categories and investment instruments. This broad diversification reduces the overall risk of the investment, while allowing you to exploit the opportunities presented by the market.

Stay flexible

Your investments in funds are not subject to waiting periods. You decide both how much you want to invest, and for how long. And you can sell all or part of the assets you have invested in funds on any day. So you retain an element of flexibility in respect of your investments.

Enjoy investor protection

Investment fund products provide you with the security of investor protection measures. Investment funds are considered special assets and are, therefore, not directly affected if the fund management company declares bankruptcy – the fund assets are preserved separately and do not become part of the bankrupt's estate.

Time to attend to other important things

When you invest in a fund, your money is managed by experienced professionals. This gives you access to investment opportunities that are often beyond the reach of the private investor. Your portfolio manager takes care of the ongoing monitoring and administration of your assets on your behalf – so you can attend to other important things in life. 

The financial market is subject to myriad influences, and investment funds are not immune to international tensions either. The following factors have a significant influence on investment funds:

  • Price trends
  • Interest rate situation
  • Currency
  • Market trends

These factors can either affect yield positively or – as risk factors – inhibit the performance of a fund.

Long-term savings bring the greatest success

When investing with investment funds, you decide whether you want to achieve your financial goals with a single deposit or regular monthly savings contributions. In any case, it pays off for you to invest on a long-term basis. Because the compound interest effect should not be underestimated: If you also invest your interest, your investment amount also increases.

Baloise investment calculator

Your personal savings target

Here you can freely calculate how much you can save with different capital over different time periods.

Single deposit The deposit corresponds to the deposit at the beginning of the investment, e.g. if you have already saved CHF 10,000 and wish to invest it in full.
Regular deposits The deposit, which is made regularly, is similar to the given cycle, e.g. CHF 100 per month.
regular deposit
Annually Quarterly Monthly
investment horizon Investment horizon in years, e.g. do you want to invest your money for the next 15 years?
Subscription fee in %. This is the difference between the issue price and the unit value. The formation costs vary depending on the type of fund and distribution channel and usually cover consultancy and distribution costs.
Annual performance as a % of revenue Depending on the equity component of a fund, it is conservative, balanced or growth-oriented. The likely performance in % depends on this and on the duration of the investment.
Calculate now
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