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Financial knowledge Investment strategy

Your character as an investor is as individual as you are

Invest your assets properly
With an investment strategy that suits you

Your consultant will draw up a personal investment strategy for you based on your statedfinancial goals. Which solution is then used to implement your investment strategy depends on your personal character as an investor. Only you can determine that character - it is as individual as you are.

Your character as an investor is as individual as you are

Is your main priority protecting your money from losses? Or are you looking to make the most out of the opportunities for healthy returns? The equation is simple: the greater the expected returns, the greater the fluctuations in the performance of an investment.


Are you a cautious investor?

Although you are looking for a high degree of security for your investment, you are prepared to accept minor fluctuations in performance for the sake of a higher return on your assets.

As a cautious investor, you are primarily interested in preserving your wealth with your assets growing steadily. You have a pronounced need for security and liquidity, and prefer forms of investment with only very minor fluctuations in performance.

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Are you an equitable investor?

You consider opportunities for returns and continuity of earnings to be equally important and are, therefore, prepared to accept fluctuations in performance in order to increase the returns on your assets.

As an equitable investor, you prefer to have regular returns on your investment with only small fluctuations in performance. At the same time, however, you want to exploit the opportunities presented by forms of investment with higher fluctuations in performance, and are willing to accept more risk in return.

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Are you a growth-oriented investor?

Your investments will target long-term growth opportunities and you are therefore prepared to accept major fluctuations in value for at least some of the time. 

As a growth-oriented investor, you are primarily interested in exploiting the opportunities offered by forms of investment with higher fluctuations in price, and are willing to accept the risk of fluctuating value.

Appropriate investment solutions

Can my investment profile change over time?
Nothing lasts forever!

As with anything else in life, nothing lasts forever. And it's the same with your personal investment profile. Should your personal circumstances change, your investor profile may well change too. For this reason, your personal investment profile – and thus also your investment strategy – should be regularly reviewed, and re-calibrated if necessary. Here too, your consultant will be only too pleased to help.

Successful investment strategy
Is there a formula for a successful investment strategy?

Yes and no. There is no magic formula for a successful investment strategy. But answering the questions below will help you on your way to elaborating a successful personal investment strategy.

How do you intend to reach your savings objective?

Establish the size of your investment. How do you want to invest your money – by making a one-off deposit or in the form of regular savings contributions? Whatever you decide to do, you must be able to do without the money you put down for a relatively long period of time.

On what date do you want to reach your savings objective?

Establish your investment horizon. Longer investment horizons are recommended for private investors because experience shows that market fluctuations even themselves out over time.

And what should I do on those occasions when things don't run quite so smoothly?

Trends in financial markets are difficult to predict, and you may well have to face loss-making periods regardless of the investment solution you have chosen. It's important that you diversify your investment well, i.e. you need to spread your risk over a wide area. Do not hesitate to contact your Baloise consultant if you have any questions on how to create a successful investment strategy.

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