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Strategy funds BFI Dynamic the dynamic strategy fund
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BFI Dynamic

You value capital growth and are looking for an investment with long-term opportunities for returns; you are thus prepared to accept major fluctuations in value for at least some of the time. 

  • The fund invests up to 90% of its assets in equities in order to exploit the opportunities presented by the equity market.
  • The remaining fund assets are invested in bonds and other categories of investment.
  • Available in Swiss francs and in euros.
  • Designed with growth-oriented investors in mind.
Risk/reward profile

Flexibility is the great advantage of strategy funds: A team of investment specialists is responsible for the professional management of the investments. Depending on the market situation, the fund managers will either increase or reduce the weighting of bonds, equities and other classes of asset in the investment. This means that you actively benefit from the professional and flexible management of your pension assets.


This fund is subject to fluctuations in value as a result of market risks. These include, in particular, equity risks, interest-rate risks and credit risks. As some of the investments are made in local currencies, currency risk must also be factored into the equation.

BFI Dynamic strategy fund BFI (Lux) - BFI Dynamic (CHF) R pdf - 203 KB BFI (Lux) - BFI Dynamic (EUR) R pdf - 211 KB
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