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Thematic funds BFI Megatrends Select
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Using the momentum of change

Megatrends influence our lives both now and in the future. BFI Megatrends Select enables investors to benefit from structural and long-term changes in the economy and society. The combination of megatrends in a portfolio increases the diversification of themes, helping to improve investment stability in comparison with single-thematic funds.

This thematic fund takes a broadly diversified approach to investing worldwide primarily in equity funds that focus on global megatrends. This makes it possible to invest in sustainable changes of an economic and social nature, for example in the areas of demography, lifestyle and the environment.

The fund portfolio is divided into four equally sized areas with a view to achieving broad diversification:

Demographic change and health
Investments in healthcare, biotechnology and related industries. The investment universe encompasses drug manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical, biotech, medical technology and service companies.

Investments with a thematic focus on natural resources, water and alternative energy, as well as related areas.

 Digitalisation and technology
Investment with a thematic focus on information technology, in the areas of artificial intelligence, digitalisation, robotics and related topics.

“Best ideas”
Investments in further megatrends in the areas of urbanisation, consumer trends (e.g. luxury goods) and sustainability (e.g. environmental technology).

How you benefit
  • Global and broadly diversified portfolio
    Independent and broadly diversified portfolio.
  • Investing in a changing world
    Investing in change thanks to Baloise expertise.
  • Investing for the long term
    Benefiting from long-term structural changes of an economic and social nature.

This investment fund complies with the Baloise Responsible Investment Policy. Further information ​​​​​​​

Information (in German) Fondsprofil BFI Megatrends Select pdf - 66 KB
Factsheet N tranche (in German) BFI (Lux) - BFI Megatrends Select N CHF pdf - 125 KB

Open to customers of Baloise Bank SoBa AG, Solothurn and to other investors in accordance with the fund prospectus.

Factsheet I tranche (in German) BFI (Lux) - BFI Megatrends Select I CHF pdf - 125 KB
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