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Thematic funds BFI Real Estate & Infrastructure Select
Private investor

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Investing in real assets

In the current low interest rate environment, many investors are looking for promising investment opportunities and real assets such as real estate and infrastructure investments can be a good alternative here. In addition, these investments offer more diversification and protection against inflation. BFI Real Estate & Infrastructure Select allows for efficient and global access to the asset classes of real estate and infrastructure.

BFI Real Estate & Infrastructure Select invests in equity funds in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. In the real estate sector, investments can be made in funds with a focus on areas such as real estate planning and maintenance, in main construction properties and in ancillary businesses. Real estate investment trusts (an equity-like form of direct investment in real estate) also offer interesting opportunities. In the infrastructure sector, investments are made in areas such as airport operators, ports, logistics, toll roads, water and energy supply and IT/cloud space. These are attractive long-term sectors with stable cash flows that benefit from global innovation and growth trends.

How you benefit
  • Broad diversification
    Investment in carefully selected worldwide real estate and infrastructure assets with high growth potential.
  • Protection against inflation – value assurance
    Both real estate and the infrastructure sector are considered to be financial investments with high inflation protection. Rental income and increases in value mean that the profit potential of real estate is predictable. Infrastructure assets can also provide stability in the portfolio, thanks for example to a long operating life of up to 100 years and stable cash flow.
  • Renewal of infrastructure
    Climate change and digitalisation are likely to result in significant infrastructure renewal, opening up a wide range of investment opportunities.
  • Valuable addition to the portfolio
    In particular, the performance of infrastructure investments has a low correlation with the asset classes of equities and bonds, which means that the valuations of these asset classes are largely independent of each other, which can help to increase the stability of the portfolio.

This investment fund complies with the Baloise Responsible Investment Policy. Further information

Information (in German) Fondsprofil BFI Real Estate & Infrastructure Select pdf - 69 KB
Factsheet N tranche (in German) BFI (Lux) - BFI Real Estate and Infrastructure Select N CHF pdf - 129 KB

Open to customers of Baloise Bank SoBa AG, Solothurn and to other investors in accordance with the fund prospectus. This fund is currently not available via the Baloise Bank SoBa fund account.

Factsheet I tranche (in German) BFI (Lux) - BFI Real Estate and Infrastructure Select I CHF pdf - 129 KB
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