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The board of foundation
Corporate customers The board of foundation The supreme governing body of the foundation
The supreme governing body of the foundation
The board of foundation - the supreme governing body of the foundation

In Switzerland, pension funds are generally organised as independent foundations or collective foundations for several companies. Baloise manages three foundations for this purpose: the Baloise Collective Foundation BVG, the Baloise Collective Foundation Supplementary Pension Provision and the Baloise Perspectiva Collective Foundation BVG.

The board of foundation is the supreme governing body of the foundation. As representatives of employees and employers, its members safeguard the interests of insured persons.

The members of the board of foundation are elected for four years by the board of trustees of all affiliated companies.

Questions & Answers

Here you will find information on the most important aspects of involvement as a representative in the board of the foundation.

What are the tasks of the board of foundation?

As the representative of the affiliated companies, it is the supreme governing body of the foundation and makes the most important strategic decisions. Among other duties, it issues various articles of association and regulations, approves the annual financial statements and appoints the auditors as well as the occupational pensions expert. Baloise Life Ltd is responsible for the day-to-day management of the three Baloise collective foundations, and the board of foundation monitors their activities.

What qualifications do I need as a foundation board member?

Above all, an interest in occupational pensions and the ability to work in a team are important – the board of foundation should be a collegial body in which all members work together as equals. Knowledge of social security and/or law, economics, accounting / balance sheet analysis, investments / capital market is helpful.

Not to worry, though, because Baloise supports the board of foundation with specialist presentations, offers opportunities for workshops on specific topics or provides assistance with participation in public specialist events.

How much time do I need to spend on it?

Four meetings of the board of foundation are normally held each year, usually in Basel, and meetings are conducted in German. These last between three and four hours; sharing lunch together to foster further discussions is optional. In addition, individual time should be planned for the preparation of the meetings and, if necessary, further training. Members are elected for four years, re-election is possible.

How will I be compensated for my commitment?

Your work makes an important contribution to the second pillar for all insured persons of the collective foundation and strengthens the tried-and-tested Pension system in Switzerland. You also receive compensation and a flat-rate reimbursement of travel costs. The board of foundation may adjust this compensation.

What is more, the members of the board of foundation are protected by directors’ and officers’ liability insurance

How many members does the board of foundation have?

The number of members of the Baloise collective foundations varies between five and eight. They are always made up of employee and employer representatives.  

Further details can be found in the election and organisational regulations, which we have published on www.baloise.ch/bvgdocuments.

Who elects the board of foundation?

The members of the board of foundation are elected by the board of trustees of the affiliated companies, with separate representation for employees and employers. The board of trustees also has the right to propose candidates for election. The employee and employer representatives on the board of trustees may each nominate one person for election to the board of foundation. 

How can I get more information?

The Secretary of the board of foundation, Alexander Dietsche, looks forward to hearing from you at alexander.dietsche@baloise.ch.