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Private customers Insurance certificate
The insurance certificate serves as written confirmation for the authorities that you have taken out at least one type of liability insurance cover for your vehicle. This page allows you to order the certificate directly online. 
Order your insurance certificate quickly and easily online

Once you have placed your order, the insurance certificate will be sent directly to the Vehicle Licensing Office. 

You can register your vehicle with the Vehicle Licensing Office for a period of 30 days starting on the selected date of registration. 

When do you need an insurance certificate?
Change of vehicle

You keep your licence plate, but register a new vehicle under the existing licence plate. 

First-time registration 

You buy a car and need a new licence plate for it, or you are keeping your vehicle but are moving to a different canton. 

Reinstatement following the depositing of the licence plate 

You have deposited your licence plate for a certain period of time and now want to use it for your vehicle again. 

Opening of an interchangeable licence plate 

You register a second vehicle for your existing interchangeable licence plate for the first time and have an interchangeable licence plate as opposed to a single licence plate. If the first vehicle is reinstated at the same time, you need to order a second insurance certificate. 

Change of insurer 

You change insurance company, but keep both your vehicle and the licence plate. 

Change of ownership / change of name 

You have your vehicle and the licence plate registered under a new owner or under a new name (e.g. due to marriage). 

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