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Private customers Travel insurance
  • Cancellation costs

  • Travel Assistance including luggage

  • Vehicle Assistance

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Well, have you planned your next trip? With our travel insurance, you can travel with complete peace of mind. How do you take out a policy? Totally quickly, totally simple, totally online – with immediate effect. Everyone in your household who is travelling with you will be covered.
Travelling without the worry

Anticipation can be the greatest form of joy when nothing unexpected such as a natural disaster or accident thwarts your travel plans. Although our travel insurance can’t prevent such occurrences, we will certainly be there for you in the event of an incident. You can therefore plan your trip with peace of mind and great anticipation.

  • if your trip has to be cancelled for specific reasons, we will assume the cancellation costs;
  • all persons in the same household travelling with you will be covered;
  • we will provide you with advice and assistance in the event of breakdowns and emergencies;
  • you determine the term of the contract and scope of services;
  • simply take out a policy online – you will be covered with immediate effect.

Do you need to cut your trip short due to illness, or are you unable to go on the trip at all? Has a violent storm forced you to stay at your destination longer than planned? Do you need to be transported back to a Swiss hospital due to an accident on holiday? Unfortunately, we can’t protect you from these kinds of incidents, but we can give you 24-hour support and cover the cancellation costs incurred in Switzerland and abroad.

Find out more about the products offered by Baloise and compare the benefits in detail.

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Insurance packages
“Life” travel insurance
  • Cancellation costs: we assume the cancellation costs before you commence travel, for example in the event of serious illness, unforeseeable unemployment or damage to the residential property due to a natural hazard;

  • Travel Assistance including luggage: we assume a range of costs during travel, for example the costs of the return journey in the event of a natural disaster or serious illness, as well as compensation payments for late or lost luggage;

  • no deductible.

“Drive” travel insurance
  • Vehicle Assistance: we assume the costs for incidents during travel such as breakdown assistance or the journey home for all vehicle occupants including pets;

  • hire vehicle / elimination of deductible: we assume the deductible if you cause damage to a hire vehicle or if the vehicle is stolen;

  • no deductible.

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