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Private customers Car insurance
  • Purchase price compensation in full up to the seventh year of operation
  • Coverage of lights and assistance systems
  • Interior insurance
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Switzerland’s low-priced car insurance with top marks for customer satisfaction and individual insurance benefits. We keep our foot on the accelerator to get you back on the road quickly.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover with an individual choice of supplementary cover options
  • Innovative safety modules for even more protection and security
  • Exclusive benefits such as cheaper driver safety training
  • eBill: the straightforward and convenient way to pay your premium invoice
Liability insurance

Required by law

We cover damage to third party property (e.g. third party vehicles) and injury to persons caused with your vehicle by you as the owner/driver or by a person for whom you are responsible. We cover the costs of justly asserted claims and of defence against unjustly asserted liability claims.

Part comprehensive insurance

Offers additional comprehensive cover for various types of damage to your car

We provide cover for the repair of damage to insured vehicles as a result of fire, natural hazards, vandalism, glass breakage, marten bites, collisions with animals and theft. If necessary, we also bear the cost of recovering the vehicle in these cases.

Fully comprehensive insurance

Also includes collision insurance

Damage resulting from collisions and scratching of the vehicle is insured. This service is only offered in combination with part comprehensive cover (part comprehensive insurance + collision insurance = fully comprehensive insurance).

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Safety modules

More security and protection thanks to supplementary cover
Upgrade your basic insurance with a choice of useful supplementary cover options, such as our innovative “Carefree” and “First-party damage” safety modules. Baloise car insurance covers you against both visible and invisible damage.

“Carefree” safety module
An accident can leave more than just physical damage behind. With the “Carefree” safety module, we cover the cost of psychological support and driver safety training as well as many other material benefits. We help you to cope with the accident and regain your confidence.

“First-party damage” safety module
This safety module comes into play if you damage your own property, buildings or motor vehicles with your insured car. The coverage also extends to everyone who lives with you in the same household.

Supplementary options

Extend your insurance cover to meet your individual requirements with our supplementary options:

  • Bonus protection
  • Insurance for damage while parked
  • Lights and assistance systems
  • Personal effects carried in the vehicle
  • Passenger accident
  • Assistance
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