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Private customers Home contents insurance
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A perfume bottle falls out of the bathroom cabinet and leaves a crack in the washbasin, your bike is stolen at the railway station or a storm causes your cellar compartment to flood. Our home contents insurance provides all-round protection for your favourite items, thereby making sure you're always on the safe side.
Overview of coverage
  • Your home contents are insured at value as new.
  • The insurance protects you against damage caused by fire, natural hazards such as storm or hail, water, earthquake, theft and glass breakage.
  • After a claim, we also cover the costs of clean-up and disposal, as well as the cost of changing locks.
  • The insurance cover applies to everyone who lives with you in the same household.
Under 30?

We have special conditions for all those under 30. No matter whether single households, shared apartments or young families. From CHF 120 per year, you get a lot of benefit for a small premium.

Comprehensive insurance

Would you like even better protection for your home contents? With comprehensive insurance, you also protect the contents against sudden damage through your own fault.

Protect your cherished belongings at home comprehensively. We'll be happy to advise you personally or you can take out your home contents insurance directly online with just a few clicks.

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Benefits in detail

Candles create a cosy atmosphere in our living rooms. Unfortunately, they often also cause damage due to fire or smoke. Yes, that can happen. If this is the case, we'll pay the costs of the clean-up, disposal and equivalent replacement of your damaged home contents. In addition, damage caused by lightning is insured if, for example, your television is broken as a result of the lightning strike causing a power surge.

Natural hazard events

Natural hazard events include hail, storm, high water and flooding. So if a river overflows its banks, causing water to enter your cellar and stain your wardrobe full of winter clothes, we are here to help. We'll pay for the cleaning of your clothes and the disposal and replacement of your wardrobe.


Fortunately, Switzerland has not experienced very many strong earthquakes in recent years. But they are possible and can cause devastating damage. In this case, we'll pay for damage to your home contents that have been damaged, destroyed or lost as a result.


Burglars take advantage of the absence of residents to break into homes. If they steal your beloved watch, your heirloom jewellery or your computer, we'll be there to help. We'll pay for the replacement of the stolen items in the event of burglary. The same applies in the case of simple theft, for example, if your bike or luggage is stolen at the station or your handbag is snatched.

Knowing that burglars have entered your home and rifled through your personal effects can be very unpleasant. That's why we also cover the costs of cleaning your personal effects and your home. If you no longer feel safe in your own four walls despite thorough cleaning, we'll also contribute to the costs of a move. So that you can feel at ease again.


Your claims are covered if, for example, water or other liquids leak from sewage pipes or heating systems, rain and snow enter your home through closed windows or doors, or the water pipe at the washbasin leaks and damages your bathroom furniture.

Glass breakage

When a perfume bottle falls into the washbasin or a vacuum cleaner crashes into a glass cabinet door, this is referred to as breakage of glass in buildings and furniture. Your home contents insurance also covers these claims.

Basic comprehensive home contents cover

Your bike is damaged or you accidentally spill a cup of coffee over your beloved designer sofa. Our comprehensive home contents cover provides you with additional protection for your particularly valuable items.

Plus comprehensive home contents cover

Your mobile phone is your constant companion, which you can also insure against mishaps. For example, if it falls to the floor or is dropped into the bathtub. With the Plus comprehensive home contents cover, damage to your electrical appliances such as e-bikes, mobile phones, tablets and TV sets is also insured.

Supplementary insurance
“Carefree” safety module

Gross negligence and major claims service

You were out shopping and left a burning candle unattended. The resulting flat fire damaged a large part of your home contents. Even in such a case, we're here to help – with the “Carefree” safety module. It protects you from the financial consequences of a mishap that happened to you because of carelessness. We'll pay the costs of such claim –, no ifs, ands or buts. Nor do you have to worry about the organisation and coordination of major claims. As your partner, we'll be happy to handle this for you.

Example of a claim

Laura is out shopping. When she's done shopping and returns home, thick smoke is coming out of the windows. The candle Laura left burning caused a fire during her absence. The fire and the large amount of smoke destroyed her home contents throughout the flat.

Destroyed home contents CHF 80'000
Clean-up costs CHF 10'000
Hotel charges during clean-up CHF 2'000
Psychological support CHF 2'000
Total claim CHF 94'000
Deductible* for Laura CHF 200
Indemnity through Baloise CHF 93'800


* Theoretically, Laura would have to pay CHF 18,800 (20 per cent of the total claim amount) herself. Because she caused the damage herself through gross negligence. But having opted for the “Carefree” safety module, she only pays the deductible of CHF 200.

“Protection” safety module


The Internet creates countless opportunities – also for cyber criminals: they may compromise your credit card or personal details, infect an electronic device with malware or engage in cyberbullying. You may also lose your data. The “Protection” safety module with cyber cover provides optimal protection. This is how you get to make the most of the Internet and electronic media.

Home assistance

Arriving at your front door, you notice that your house key is gone, or your heating suddenly breaks down in winter. Thanks to home assistance, you won't have to worry about a thing. We'll organise the right professionals in such cases and cover the costs.

Household insurance
Combine home contents and liability

A glass falls to the floor and scratches the parquet, or a deodorant falls into the washbasin and damages it. Liability insurance is there to keep you on the safe side in the event of such mishaps in your rented flat. You can also combine home contents insurance with liability insurance. The combination of these two types of insurance is called household insurance. Get a quote now.

Domande frequenti
What's the difference between home contents, liability and household insurance?

Home contents include all movable property intended for your personal use. Home contents insurance covers the financial consequences if your home contents are lost, destroyed or damaged as a result of an insured event. Liability insurance protects you against third-party liability claims for personal injury and property damage. It covers both indemnity for justified claims and defence against unjustified claims. Both insurance modules together make up the household insurance.

How am I insured against theft?

You're insured against burglary, robbery and simple theft (for example by someone sneaking in). In addition, you can also insure yourself against theft outside your home. This includes, for example, simple theft (such as pickpocketing).

What is future risks cover?

Future risks cover allows you to prevent underinsurance and the resulting reductions in the event of a claim. The future risks cover (10 per cent of the sum insured) covers all new acquisitions and increases in value that have been added since the last policy adjustment.

Is my whole family insured and how do I have to specify the persons in the contract?

If you take out individual insurance, you alone will be insured. However, if you take out family insurance, all the people in your household are automatically co-insured. You don't have to list these persons separately.

Is first-party damage insured?

Our comprehensive home contents insurance also covers damage that is your own fault – for example, if you accidentally spill coffee over your computer. With Baloise comprehensive home contents cover, you can insure your valuable possessions against sudden damage. 

Is home contents insurance compulsory?

In Switzerland, home contents insurance is generally not compulsory. It's voluntary in most cantons. However, due to the high costs you may incur in the event of a claim, home contents insurance is recommended. But the following cantons have a compulsory requirement for this type of insurance: Fribourg, Jura, Nidwalden and Vaud.

In Nidwalden and Vaud, you must take out fire and natural hazard loss insurance through the cantonal fire insurance institution. In Fribourg and the Jura, you're free to choose your insurer.

Are pets co-insured?

There are various types of insurance that cover claims related to pets:

  • Home contents insurance: covers events (such as fire, natural hazard events, water or theft) in which your pet is injured or lost.
  • Comprehensive home contents cover: covers damage caused by your pet to your home contents.
  • Personal liability: covers claims for which you are liable as the owner of the animal.
What is the meaning of “costs” in the non-binding offer?

The cost coverage of around 30 per cent of the sum insured applies to the costs incurred in the event of a claim. This includes, for example, clean-up and disposal costs in connection with destroyed or damaged home contents.

What is not covered by home contents insurance?

As a rule, home contents insurance does not pay for damage that is caused intentionally. Nor claims caused by improper use or storage. Motor vehicles or camper vans with licence plates are not insured either.

What is the difference between liability insurance and home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance covers damage to and loss of personal property. Personal liability insurance covers damage that you cause yourself to third parties or their property.

What is covered by home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance covers all home contents. It offers protection against water, fire, natural hazards such as storms and hail, theft, vandalism and breakage of glass in buildings and furniture. The comprehensive home contents cover also applies to damage you cause yourself.

What is home contents insurance?

Home contents insurance is a type of property insurance. It protects all home contents, i.e. all personal movable property. This also includes items that you have leased and rented or that someone has entrusted to you, such as allotment sheds, guests’ belongings, pets and privately purchased professional tools and clothing.

Where is the household insurance valid?

The basic cover under the younGo household insurance is fixed. You may opt to add the “driving of third-party vehicles” cover. If you require individually adjusted insurance cover, we recommend our BaloiseDirect household insurance.

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